Attract More Clients With This Brand Authority Building Course For Consultants

Oct 10, 2023

Are you launching a new coaching business and want to make sure you attract your ideal clients? Would you like to grow your industry authority? Then take Michael Driggers Jr.’s Instant Authority Engine course to learn his tried and tested methodology.

Starting out as a coach or consultant means finding your first clients who will help develop and build your authority and reputation. However, this can be the hurdle many new coaches can stumble over, which is why Michael Driggers Jr. developed the Instant Authority Engine—a course that can teach you how to raise your industry reputation and attract new clients.

With the course, Michael Driggers Jr. provides you with a complete guide for launching and scaling your coaching or consulting business, regardless of your previous experience or existing client base.

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Included in the course is a practical methodology for generating authority around your services, which actively attracts prospective clients to you, rather than you needing to chase leads.

The market for coaching and consulting continues to grow and its value is estimated to exceed $20 billion by 2030. However, as a newcomer to the industry, you may struggle to gain traction due to a catch-22 situation where you need clients to help build up your reputation, but a lack of reputation means you attract fewer clients.

Michael Driggers Jr.'s Instant Authority Engine course gives you a practical solution to address this problem.

Developed for new and experienced coaches alike, Instant Authority Engine provides insight into the methodology Mike Driggers has already used to help over 100 coaches develop their businesses. This includes creating offers that showcase your subject matter expertise to attract your ideal clients.

Michael Driggers Jr. states, “The Instant Authority Engine is based purely on my results and the results of my clients. Nothing is guesswork, none of it is theory. I only teach what I have used myself and what gets results.”

Following the launch process, the course takes you through the steps for scaling your business so that you can continually attract regular premium clients using tried and tested strategies. The course also encompasses areas such as automating lead generation, becoming an internationally recognized authority, and how to get featured in the media.

With over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Mike Driggers is uniquely positioned to provide newcomers to the industry with training and insight into how to successfully build a new business. In addition to the Instant Authority Engine course, Driggers also offers further resources such as his Done-For-You coaching business program and an informative ‘Unleash And Amplify Your Message With Authority Positioning’ eBook.

Learn how to build your coaching business’s authority and get new clients with the Instant Authority Engine course today!

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