Coaching Business Growth Strategies & Models For Authority & Thought Leadership

Oct 10, 2023

Are you looking to launch a coaching business and want to stand the best chance of success? This program from Michael Driggers Jr., of IME Publishing Group, can supercharge your authority!

When you’re trying to grow your coaching business, systems are everything – and a new program from Michael Driggers Jr. can help you connect with more customers and dramatically grow your brand.

You’ll become a leading authority in your niche without wasting hours on social media, and will be able to secure up to 5 or more high-profile clients each month.

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The Instant Authority Engine program allows you to implement a new lead generation system that delivers a predictable flow of pre-qualified customers while growing your brand awareness and establishing you as a thought leader in your field.

Many beginner coaches often find themselves struggling to acquire new clients for their business. Without knowing how to effectively market their services, they waste time trying ineffective strategies that yield little results. The Instant Authority Engine aims to eliminate the confusion and provide proven frameworks to help you establish authority and trust in your niche to drive leads.

Michael Driggers Jr. brings years of experience working with top thought leaders like Brian Tracy and Kevin Harrington and has personally helped over 100 coaches hit 7-figure success. By leveraging his extensive real-world knowledge, his program offers a clear roadmap for you to apply targeted marketing techniques.

Mike's unique approach allows you to align your messaging and offerings with what your ideal clients are searching for. The system is versatile and can be applied to any niche, whether business, health and wellness, dating and relationships, or beyond.

Research shows establishing authority and trust are key factors for driving conversions. A study by Edelman found that 67% of people need to trust a brand before they will buy from it. The Instant Authority Engine is designed to help you become a recognized expert so you can attract clients who are ready to invest in your services.

In addition to his new coaching program, Michael Driggers Jr. offers various other training courses, books, and an ebook masterclass focused on amplifying brand messages with authority positioning. All his educational resources aim to provide actionable frameworks for achieving personal development and business goals.

A recent client said: "Mike's practical ways to becoming a high achiever in business and in your personal life through his simple-to-use principles are a must-have and I highly recommend you learn them now."

Ready to grow your coaching business and take your lead generation to the next level? Give this program a try today!

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