Position Yourself as Expert Authority in Your Niche With DFY Business Program

Oct 10, 2023

Want to build a successful coaching business? Expert Michael Driggers Jr. offers his Authority Positioning Mastermind course to teach you how to build thought leadership with your personal brand, a dream opportunity for coaches looking for a Done-For-You business program.

Do you want to learn proven strategies to establish yourself as a thought leader and how to utilize your personal brand to build a successful coaching business? This is exactly what Michael Driggers Jr. and his authority marketing agency will help you with! This expert positioning veteran with over 30 years of industry experience has designed an 8-week program where Mike and his team will give the latest and most cutting-edge strategies to establish yourself as an instant authority!

The Authority Positioning Mastermind course is specifically aimed at coaches who want to position themselves as authoritative figures in their respective industries. This course enables you to strengthen your personal branding and elevate your status as a subject matter expert, industry influencer, and thought leader.

Go to https://mikedriggers.com/ to learn more about Mike and the course!

Let's see why this course is an important step on the way to building a successful coaching business!

A recent study from Edelman confirms authority positioning's potential as a powerful marketing method: according to the research, thought leadership influenced the opinion of 90% of C-level decision-makers about another company. Mike's program on authority positioning leverages these insights, giving you the tools to establish credibility, build trust, and enhance your influence through expert branding and leadership development.

Further, the Edelman study found that standalone content marketing does not have the same effect on decision-makers, with only 17 % perceiving readable content as "very good" or "excellent." An article from Forbes investigated the factors behind these statistics and found that while content marketing solves problems, aims to sell, and focuses on quantity, thought leadership lets marketers set the tone for the industry narrative, sparks conversation, and facilitates a forward-thinking approach.

The Authority Positioning Mastermind course teaches you the basics of becoming a go-to authority in your niche, creating high-quality information products, and profitable coaching programs. The program helps you to launch a scalable coaching business within three months, with a 7-8 figure earning potential.

The course gives you access to Mike's five teams, including a content, marketing, and commission-only sales team. With the 10-step DFY program, the final goal is to set you up for success, helping you build a business and acquire clients. In fact, Mike is so confident you will succeed with your coaching business that he will give you a full refund if you don't generate a 5 figure profit from partnering with him!

Michael Driggers Jr. has taught several celebrities and TV personalities his magic marketing tricks, underlining how powerful his methods are. Go to https://mikedriggers.com/ to read the success stories of well-known faces like Forbes Riley and Kevin Harrington.

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