Philadelphia Doctor Sexual Abuse Law Firm Helps Victims Report & Sue For Damages

Oct 3, 2023

Brian Kent, Esq., one of Philadelphia’s leading sexual abuse attorneys, and Abuse Guardian are working together to help the survivors of doctor abuse report and sue their abusers in civil court.

Brian Kent, Esq. and Abuse Guardian want you to know that your life matters and they are here to help you use your voice to demand justice from the doctor that has abused you.

Mr. Kent has worked tirelessly as one of the managing partners at Laffey, Bucci & Kent to bring justice to people who have been sexually abused or raped by their doctor, or by another medical professional. Now, with his appointment as the Abuse Guardian sexual abuse attorney in Philadelphia, he believes he can help you bring forth a larger injury claim against your abuser and the medical organization that has sheltered them or failed to prevent them from abusing you.

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According to a recent comprehensive report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, more than 3,100 doctors have faced disciplinary consequences for sexual abuse and assault since 1999, and as Abuse Guardian stresses, while this is already a high number, there are likely double this amount of doctors who never face prosecution. 

Brian Kent, Esq. understands the trauma you have undoubtedly endured as a victim of doctor sexual abuse and rape, and the emotional suffering that comes from facing this ultimate breach of confidence and trust. As Mr. Kent explained, “Sexual abuse by a doctor is a severe breach of trust and professional responsibility. Medical professionals have a duty to care for their patients and adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct. When doctors violate this trust by engaging in sexual misconduct or abuse, they not only inflict severe emotional and psychological harm on their victims but also undermine the integrity of the medical profession.” 

Therefore, following his appointment as Philadelphia’s Abuse Guardian attorney, Mr. Kent is pleased to be doing more to support you. In addition to helping you to achieve justice by reporting and suing your abuser, Brian Kent and Abuse Guardian can support you throughout any criminal proceedings and medical licensing and disciplinary actions, ensuring that your voice is heard. 

Following his partnership with Abuse Guardian, Brian Kent, Esq. can also now offer you a no-win, no-fee guarantee, meaning he will not charge you any fees unless he successfully recovers compensation for you. 

Abuse Guardian and Brian Kent can represent doctor sexual abuse victims throughout the state of Pennsylvania. 

Mr. Kent said, “As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I have dedicated my career to helping survivors of sexual abuse find the justice they deserve. My empathetic and understanding team is prepared to support survivors and their families in their pursuit of justice against medical professionals who have violated their trust.” 

Whatever type of abuse you have suffered at the hands of your doctor, you deserve justice, compensation and empathetic, experienced legal representation.

Visit to see how Abuse Guardian and Brian Kent, Esq. can fight for you in civil court.

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