Miami: Sue Your Broker For Investment Losses With The Help Of This FINRA Lawyer

Sep 13, 2023

If you’re a Miami resident who lost money due to your stockbroker, get in touch with Soreide Law Group (+1-888-760-6552) as soon as possible!

Victims of securities fraud in Miami can breathe a little easier as Soreide Law Group expands its services to the city.

Starting today, you can get legal advice if you experienced financial losses due to bad financial advice. The firm specializes in bringing forth cases to FINRA, with the goal of getting you the highest possible settlement.

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Attorney Lars Soreide, the practice's founder and namesake, emphasizes that brokers have a fiduciary duty to protect your interests. If you have received misguided advice, which resulted in losses, the law firm can help you file a lawsuit.

The legal practice has extensive experience working with retirees and investors in Florida whose retirement savings have been compromised by unscrupulous advisors. Attorney Soreide underscores the importance of getting expert legal advice as the loss of income can have a drastic effect on one's quality of life during retirement.

Lawyers at the firm are experienced in securities law and have won many cases in the past 15 years. Indeed, they have helped recover money in 90% of the cases they have handled, even from major Wall Street brokerage firms.


Soreide Law Group's services are rooted in a client-centered and empathetic approach. In accordance with this principle, the firm covers all upfront expenses and only assesses a fee when you successfully receive compensation. As such, you can access expert legal counsel without any financial risk, a crucial consideration given your vulnerable financial circumstances.

Despite offering its services at no immediate cost, the law firm ensures that you will have access to licensed lawyers rather than paralegals. Furthermore, it can provide remote consultations via Zoom, sparing you the hassle and cost of an in-person meeting.

Attorney Soreide says: “Our firm is deeply committed to defending the rights of securities fraud victims such as yourself. Our deep expertise, coupled with our proven track record, underscores our mission to deliver justice and attain proper recompense for you.”


Soreide Law Group is a distinguished law firm with a special focus on litigating financial misconduct. For its excellent service, it has received recognition from organizations such as Martindale-Hubbel. Soreide Law has meeting locations for their securities law offices in Coral Gables, Florida.

Yes, you can fight back against your sketchy broker. And Soreide Law Group will do everything in its power to win your case. Contact the team today!

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