Utility Bill Auditing Tool Lowers Expenses & Boosts Profits For Car Dealerships

May 12, 2024

Recession Resister is excited to be bringing Bill Saver, their effective utility bill auditing tool, to car dealerships across the US that want to minimize their overhead costs and boost their profitability.

Recession Resister believes your service providers don’t need any more of your dealership’s hard-earned money, and they are on a mission to cut your bills so you can keep more of your cash for yourself.

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Reduce Your Operating Costs With Bill Saver

Through their new Bill Saver for dealerships system, Recession Resister believes they can significantly reduce your biggest monthly bills and utilities. This includes:

  • electricity,
  • gas,
  • water,
  • phone and internet,
  • waste management,
  • pest control, security,
  • payroll,
  • and more.

If your dealership is facing what the senior economists at Cox Automotive sales call the industry’s ‘sluggish’ growth, Recession believes their efficient and effective utility bill auditing service is a radical way to enhance your budget sustainability.

Audit Your Bills To Increase Your Profitability Margins

If you are looking for a new way to lower your expenses and increase your profitability margins, the team at Recession Resister will audit your bills going back years, looking for any overcharges or errors that can be refunded to your dealership.

As the Recession Resister team explained, over 80% of companies are being overcharged by their utility providers—who often bank on a business not having the time or the industry knowledge to fight them on their rates or hidden charges.

That’s why they are so confident that, if you use Bill Saver, you will find significant refunds available across the full suite of your bills and utilities.

A representative for the bill auditors said, “An audit will make sure you are receiving accurate billing from your providers. Not only is it possible to get money back that you’ve already paid, but we can also correct errors on future bills to ensure future reductions. Working with Bill Saver is the easiest way to decrease monthly expenses and give yourself a competitive advantage.”

Benefit From The Best Budget-Friendly Contract Negotiation

Additionally, Recession Resister will also future-proof your bills, negotiating on your behalf to get the best rate possible. As the firm deals with service providers on behalf of thousands of customers, they have greater bargaining power than you do as a single dealership.

For even bigger long-term reductions, Recession Resister can now also offer you their innovative energy bill auto switching and energy efficiency auditing services.

Plus, all of their bill saving services are now offered on a no-save, no-pay basis. As their representative explained, “If we don’t find you any refunds or reduction opportunities, you don’t pay us a thing. Whatever we find, we split 50/50. This means we can audit and negotiate your utility bills for you at no upfront cost, risk or obligation.”

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