Medium & Dark Roast Espresso For Homemade Barista-Style Macchiato & Cappuccino

Jul 19, 2023

From medium roasts to Italian-style coffees, GoCoffeeGo is your go-to source of high-quality, specially roasted coffee beans! Check out their newest gourmet espressos today!

If you’re a fan of homemade espressos, you’ve probably witnessed the sad fate of at least one oil-clogged espresso machine. While oils are a normal by-product of the roasting process, the quality and freshness of the bean can determine just how much of it is secreted and whether that amount is enough to compromise the flavor of the brew - or the functionality of your espresso machine.

Of course, you have significantly less to worry about if you know you’ve got good beans. And you’ll know you have the best beans if you buy your coffee from GoCoffeeGo! Offering only the finest selection from the masters of roasting, GoCoffeeGo guarantees the freshest, most highly graded beans delivered right to your doorstep! Don’t be afraid to bring out your espresso machine for these coffees; with this kind of quality, you can brew up your favorite coffee beverages without a care in the world!

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Sourcing high-quality coffee from reputable vendors can be a bit of a headache, but GoCoffeeGo can remove the guesswork for you. They exclusively stock varieties of specialty coffee provided by vetted roasteries, meaning whatever you buy from their store is guaranteed to be high-grade coffee from top industry performers!

Their new Big Joy Espresso is one such example, being a medium-roasted coffee created by the award-winning Camber Coffee. The espresso was designed to pair well with milk. If you like cappuccino, macchiato, or lattes, then this is the perfect espresso for you.

But that’s not all: the Big Joy Espresso can also be used for solo shots or drip brews. The beans used in this espresso originate from farms in the Lake Atitlan and Huehuetenango areas of Guatemala, resulting in a creamy, sweet body and fruity acidity characteristic of Guatemalan coffees. Notes of dark chocolate, baking spices, and cherries complement the sugary character of this brew. Is your mouth watering yet?

Another coffee that GoCoffeeGo recommends is the Milky Way Espresso. This medium-roasted blend is provided by Demitasse Coffee Roasters, a roastery that is passionate about sustainability, transparency, and ethically produced coffee. The current version of the espresso is made from Guatemalan beans produced by the Asodiett Co-op, Honduran beans grown on certified fair-trade organic and Rainforest Alliance farms, and Burundi beans harvested from high-elevation smallholder farms, and these components come together to form a smooth, syrupy brew with notes of hazelnut, milk chocolate, caramel, and dried fruit. Great coffee from a responsible roastery! Really, could you ask for more?

Medium roasts aren’t your thing? No problem. For a darker coffee that is popular among customers, GoCoffeeGo offers the Intensi Espresso, which is provided by Atomic Coffee Roasters. As a classic Italian roast, this is a dark-roasted espresso with a heavy body and notes of spices, cocoa, and dried fruits. Like the Big Joy Espresso, this blend can be used as a base for milk-based beverages; it can also be used to make ristretto or normale shots. What a versatile coffee! It’s no wonder it’s classified as a Member’s Pick!

GoCoffeeGo offers other options, including decaf and coffee for non-espresso brews. Its online store is currently one of the largest of its kind in the United States, boasting a wide selection of specialty coffees from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Colombia, and other countries around the world.

All in all, GoCoffeeGo is the haven for all things coffee. They’ve actually got coffee for everyone! Whether you like your espressos light, medium, or dark, with or without milk, caffeinated or decaffeinated, you’ll find the best choices on GoCoffeeGo’s website.

And once you do, you’ll definitely be back for more. Because coffee will never taste the same again after GoCoffeeGo!

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