Order This Premium Medium Roast Espresso Blend With Dried Cherry & Cocoa Notes

Jul 11, 2023

If you’re an avid coffee drinker with a passion for gourmet coffee, you definitely don’t want to miss out on GoCoffeeGo’s latest seasonal espresso blends!

Some things are best enjoyed when they’re in season. (Seriously, have you ever tried biting into an off-season blueberry?) But this statement doesn’t just apply to fruits, vegetables, and Christmas carols; it actually applies to coffee too. Not every coffee plant will fruit naturally throughout the year, but you can bet that the ones that do will be the ones that make the best-tasting coffee.

And GoCoffeeGo takes this principle and cranks it up to eleven! With hand-selected, top-quality seasonal espressos, including the highly acclaimed Dharma Espresso Blend, now available in their store, GoCoffeeGo makes sure you’ll be able to taste all manner of delicious, exotic coffees when they’re at their finest!

As for what you actually use the espressos for, that’s totally up to you, because these blends go well with just about anything. Use them as bases for milk-based beverages or enjoy them as straight shots; no matter what you do, you’ll be able to taste the quality that goes into making these delectable coffees, so go wild!

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But wait too long, and you might just miss out on some unique flavors. Due to the seasonal nature of these blends, the flavor and coffee beans used will vary throughout the year, depending on which cultivars are ready for harvest. Basically, they’re always going to be available, but they’re going to taste a bit different depending on the season.

But let’s delve into the details and talk about some of the specific coffees that GoCoffeeGo offers, like the aforementioned Dharma Espresso Blend. Provided by Temple Coffee, an award-winning specialty roaster, the current iteration of the Dharma Espresso Blend is a medium roast derived from three different cultivars from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, creating a memorable taste that reflects the traits of the coffee beans used and leaves you wanting more. You can say that it’s a coffee that’s been all over the world - who wouldn’t want to savor something so well-traveled?

The Brazilian component of the Dharma Espresso Blend originates from the state of Minas Gerais, where the coffee beans are grown on a high-altitude farm in the municipality of Campos Altos. These beans contribute to the rich, creamy body of the espresso and impart it with sweet notes of chocolate and maple syrup. Conversely, the Guatemalan coffee used for the blend is harvested in Alotenango, where it’s both wet-milled and dry-milled at separate facilities.

The Ethiopian beans in the blend are grown and naturally processed in the Sidama region, adding a fruity sweetness characteristic of Ethiopian coffee. The final product is a full-bodied espresso with moderate acidity and hints of dried cherries, baking spices, and cocoa. Yum!

With its complex flavor profile, the Dharma Espresso Blend lends itself well to milk-based espresso beverages, such as cappuccinos, macchiatos, and café lattes. You could make a nice, rich mocha with it too! But if you prefer the natural flavor of coffee, you can also enjoy this blend in ristrettos, single or double shots, and lungos. It wouldn’t be a good espresso if it wasn’t versatile!


GoCoffeeGo was founded in 2008 with the goal of making exotic, hard-to-find coffees more accessible to fellow coffee drinkers. With over 10 million users, the company has become one of the largest niche coffee marketplaces to date. GoCoffeeGo’s online store features a number of exclusively premium coffees sourced from around the world, including fair-trade organic, single-origin, and certified bird-friendly varieties.

They’re very picky about the coffee they sell in their store because they want to provide only the highest-quality coffee there is. And they know what they’re doing. Just take it from this satisfied customer, who said: “This is the best coffee I have tasted in the past 20 years. I will be buying exclusively from this store from now on. Fast delivery, wonderful varieties, great coffee site - it can't be beat for sure!”

There are many more five-star reviews where that came from, and for good reason. When it comes to coffee, GoCoffeeGo is the undisputed expert. You can definitely trust them to deliver premium espressos right to your doorstep - especially the best ones of the season.

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