Best Shop To Buy Vegan Cheese in Hong Kong

Apr 14, 2024

La Taula is highly recommended by customers as the best place in Hong Kong that offers the most creative variety of artisanal plant-based cheese and is committed to reducing food waste and food packaging.

No more wasting time reading labels for cheeses that aren't vegan. If you are allergic to gluten, have gluten sensitivity, following a vegan or plant-based diet, then La Taula, the best vegan cheese shop in Hong Kong is the only online store you need to visit to find vegan cheese options for your gluten-free meals, recipes and events. 

Many Varieties of Artisanal Plant-based Cheese

The speciality store sells many varieties of tasty artisanal plant-based cheese, as well as a range of sweet and savoury delights, through an online store and a selection of subscription services that can be picked up in Central, Hong Kong or delivered to your doorstep.

Vegan Range Served in Reusable Ceramic Dishes

What makes this company quite unique is its commitment to sustainability. To help reduce plastic packaging and waste, La Taula provides their vegan range served in ceramic dishes. The dishes are attractive enough to be put right on the dinner table. The customer can then choose to keep the dishes or return them to La Taula to be reused again.

La Taula was founded by Kanch, the creative mind behind the vegan cheese recipes on offer through the company. Kanch is a raw plant-based chef with a mission to bring artisanal plant-based cheese and other treats to Hong Kong customers looking for a sustainable way to entertain or indulge themselves in a less wasteful way.

Kanch was trained at Matthew Kenney Culinary, a plant-based chef-training program that has produced some of the worlds leading plant-based chefs. She set up La Taula, which means 'the table' in Catalan, with a drive to offer her customers a more sustainable way to consume food by reducing packaging waste, hence her development of the reusable ceramic dish. La Taula is committed to reducing food packaging.

A Wide Range of Creative Flavours

La Taula’s cheeses have a base of cashews, probiotics and come in a wide range of creative flavours, including Smoky Spicy Cheddar, Cashew Miso Cheese, Black Pepper Truffle Cream Cheese Spread, Creamy Coriander Mint Chutney Cheese, and Cashew Sriracha Flavoured Wheel.

If the customer reviews for La Taula are anything to go by, this Hong Kong-based company is here to stay and is winning over people's hearts and minds with their vegan cheese range and their sustainable ethos.

Perfect for Vegan, Gluten and Dairy-Free Diets

Positive customer feedback includes comments from customers looking for foods suitable for gluten and dairy-free diet, as well as those following a vegan diet that wants a variety of spreadable cheeses for cooking and for serving at dinner parties.

Exclusive Vegan Seaweed Truffle Cheese

Customers also like the creative flavours on offer from La Taula, such as the vegan seaweed truffle cheese, which is impossible to obtain elsewhere in Hong Kong.

La Taula is a member of the Food Made Good Hong Kong network, which is a sustainability consultancy focusing on reducing food waste and food packaging in Hong Kong. The consultancy is dedicated to making food eaten outside of the home as sustainable as possible.

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