Get The Best UK Mycotoxin & Fertilizer Free Coffee Beans From Sustainable Eco Plantations

Apr 14, 2024

UK coffee shop Mindful Coffee announced the official launch of its online store offering organic, pesticide- and mycotoxin-free coffee beans from sustainable sources.

Mindful Coffee, a UK-based organic coffee shop, launched its online store offering high-quality, specialty-grade organic coffee beans from sustainable sources. The shop uses an extensive quality control process to ensure that its coffee comes from sustainable, fairtrade sources, and that all the beans are specialty-grade - the highest level of quality when it comes to coffee beans, with only 1% of all produced beans being specialty-graded.

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While coffee is among the most popular drinks in the world, many consumers are unaware of the potential harmful effects of consuming low-quality coffee. Conventional coffee is heavily treated with pesticides, which can be both harmful to the consumer and to the communities surrounding the coffee farms. Additionally, conventional coffee can also contain high amounts of mycotoxins, which can lead to long-term health issues.

Mindful Coffee aims to provide an affordable, organic, pesticide- and mycotoxin-free alternative to conventional coffee.

The shop offer specialty-grade coffee beans selected from sustainable organic plantations. The UK company works with independent labs to test its coffee, making sure that it is free of mycotoxins and pesticides.

All Mindful Coffee beans are produced by the Cocafelol co-operative, an association of smallholders in the mountainous Ocotepeque Region of Western Honduras maintaining sustainable agricultural practices.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The journey from bean to cup can span thousands of miles but the road to Mindful Coffee has been no less interesting. We’ve spent time considering what type of coffee would best fit our brand. It has to be organic (and certified to prove it), it has to be fairtrade and it has to be of the highest standard, which is why Mindful Coffee is specialty grade - but Mindful Coffee also has to be clean. It must be free from pesticides and toxins.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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