Light-Roasted Summer Espressos For Shots & Iced Coffee, Limited Seasonal Roast

Jul 19, 2023

Summer is the time of year when coffee goes out of style, right? Wrong! Coffee is always stylish when you’re drinking GoCoffeeGo’s! Check out the latest seasonal espressos on their website today!

When we think of coffee, we usually envision a quaint little café and a rainy autumn day. It does make for a pretty picturesque scene. You know, like the ones from movies with the rugged and enigmatic protagonist sitting at the window with a steaming cup of coffee, pensively watching the droplets slide down the frosted glass…

Okay, let’s drop the poeticism and return to the real world, where summer is in full blast throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Intuitively, you may think that coffee isn’t the best beverage for the sweltering heat, but that could just be because you’ve never tried coffee good enough for a decent summer sipper before.

But GoCoffeeGo can change that. With their latest espressos, some of which are best enjoyed in the summer, they’ll redefine how you see coffee as a beverage - and introduce you to sensational new ways to enjoy it in the process!

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One of GoCoffeeGo’s latest releases, which coincides with the arrival of summer, is the Ethiopia Guji Limited Release, a single-origin coffee originating from the southern Guji zone in Ethiopia. The beans used for this roast are naturally processed, resulting in a vibrant acidity and sweet notes of wildflower honey, berry galette, and mango. While suitable for bright, fruity espressos, GoCoffeeGo also recommends using the Ethiopia Guji Limited Release for pour-over brews and iced coffee. Also, if you didn’t already realize it from the name of the coffee, it’ll only be available in limited batches. Get yours while they last!

Of course, if “bright and fruity” isn’t really your cup of tea (er, coffee), not to worry. For a more balanced cup of light-roasted espresso, GoCoffeeGo offers the seasonal Cabot Street Blend. The specific components of this blend will differ throughout the year, but it will invariably be made with coffee grown in Central America and Africa. This results in a light body and a sweet acidity that are consistent between seasons, regardless of the cultivars used to make the blend.

Atomic Coffee Roasters, the provider of both of the aforementioned products, is well-known in the gourmet coffee industry as a roastery that sources specialty-grade Arabica beans from around the world and pays the farmers living wages. You can’t go wrong with a coffee from Atomic Coffee Roasters; they taste-test every single one of their roasts before they put them on the market. There’s no way they’re going to sell something that tastes bad! Not to mention, GoCoffeeGo will list only the best roasts in their shop!

But GoCoffeeGo’s no one-trick pony; they’ve got plenty of coffee from other roasters too. Another favorite among GoCoffeeGo’s customers is Camber Coffee’s Moonrise Blend, which is created from naturally processed coffee from Sidama, Ethiopia, and washed coffee from Colombia. When blended together, these two coffees produce a complex, syrupy brew with a silky body and refined acidity. The pronounced flavor and hints of red apple, raw honey, blueberry, and navel orange make it ideal for single espresso shots, ristrettos, and lungos.

By now, you may be wondering what GoCoffeeGo’s all about. Founded in 2008, GoCoffeeGo pioneered the specialty coffee industry, quickly becoming one of the most prominent vendors of gourmet coffee. All coffees sold on GoCoffeeGo’s website are roasted to order and shipped on the same day to ensure freshness upon arrival. Their products are available in bag sizes of up to 5 lbs., and you can specify the grind size you want when placing an order.

Fresh coffee at the height of summer may be something of an unconventional choice. Or it may not be, given how beloved coffee is. Either way, if you’re looking for the best espresso to turn into the next summer sensation, look no further than GoCoffeeGo, where they offer nothing less than premium!

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