Legal Powerhouse: Traub Law Joins with The Edwards Firm in Police Brutality Suit

Jul 19, 2023

Flores to the ground on his back, demanding that he place his hands behind his back—a physical impossibility given his position.

Traub Law Office, in conjunction with The Edwards Law Firm, announces the filing of a lawsuit against the Austin Police Department, citing excessive physical force resulting in severe injuries to a local resident, Mr. Flores.

In Travis County, the actions of law enforcement officers are under scrutiny, as a recent case underscores the urgent need for police accountability. A local resident became a victim of police violence, leading to a severe questioning of the conduct of the officers involved. These public servants, sworn to protect and serve, are now facing allegations of criminal conduct. The incident has amplified the call for thorough investigations and stricter measures to ensure law enforcement accountability to prevent such unfortunate instances in the future.

Mr. Flores, a 5'4", 140lb individual, was out on 6th Street in Austin with friends. As the bars closed at 2 a.m., Austin police were in the process of dispersing the crowds on foot and horseback. During this time, a mounted officer brushed past Mr. Flores, who may have reached up to touch the horse.

Within moments, a police officer who did not identify himself swiftly grabbed Mr. Flores and swung him to the ground, causing the back of his head to hit the concrete forcefully. Two other officers arrived on the scene, pinning Mr. Flores to the ground on his back, demanding that he place his hands behind his back—a physical impossibility given his position.

Further exacerbating the situation, the officers flipped Mr. Flores onto his stomach, each gripping a hand, while another twisted his legs together and pushed them forcefully into the concrete. The officers proceeded to handcuff Mr. Flores and support him to a police van, alleging that he had pulled on the horse's reins hard enough to turn the horse sideways.

The police also charged Mr. Flores with resisting arrest, a charge that was soon dismissed due to lack of evidence of any criminal wrongdoing. It was subsequently determined that Mr. Flores had suffered severe injuries. He had to undergo a two-level spinal fusion at his upper back, sustained a broken neck, a wrenched shoulder requiring surgery, and suffered a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

Andrew Traub, the principal attorney at Traub Law Office, said, “The injuries to Mr. Flores are shockingly severe, especially in light of his small stature and weight, lack of threat to anyone, including the police, and the ultimate lack of any evidence he did anything criminally wrong resulting in the quick dismissal of all claims against him.”

This case is an unfortunate addition to the Austin Police Department's troubling history of excessive physical force incidents. Andrew Traub of Traub Law Office and Jeff Edwards of The Edwards Law Firm are jointly spearheading this lawsuit, seeking justice for Mr. Flores and aiming to hold the Austin Police Department accountable.

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