Kosher Sushi Catering For Calabasas CA Weddings Has Private Chefs Cook Live

Sep 16, 2023

Are you busy wedding planning and forever arguing with your future spouse over catering options? Los Angeles based Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production (818-481-1297) will settle any disagreement with its range of high-end sushi packages for weddings in the Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Encino area.

You and your fiancee both dream of creating a unique and memorable experience for your wedding guests and just don't think you can achieve that with a classic shrimp cocktail and grilled chicken. It doesn't have to be this way! Give your guests a day they will remember forever with Yooshi Sushi's live-action and interactive sushi catering experience.

The company offers four different sushi packages - the basic experience, VIP experience, seared sashimi experience and assorted platters. Upgrades and alternative configurations are available upon request to suit your specifications and expectations.

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The packages are set at different prices depending on the number of guests and the amount of sushi you require. One of Yooshi Sushi’s most popular packages is the Seared Albacore and White Tuna Station: a live-action station consisting of 2 chefs fileting fresh sashimi slices of albacore and white tuna. This is then seared in front of your guests and served with crispy onions, other garnishes and sashimi sauce. You can even choose from a selection of upgrades, including black rice, seaweed salad and edamame peppers, to provide your guests with a dining experience they will remember forever.

Yooshi Sushi’s VIP package for weddings includes five fish options and a selection of house rolls, basic rolls, hand rolls, nigiri and sashimi. Two chefs are provided for 100 guests, with an additional chef per hundred guests added as part of the package. Pricing is clearly laid out on the company’s website and packages are easily customizable to suit your needs with different upgrade options.

Both the basic and VIP packages offer unlimited sushi for 2 hours, with a wide range of rolls to choose from. The company abides by strict kosher guidelines and therefore does not offer its customers shellfish. Instead, Yooshi Sushi provides a large array of sashimi options such as tuna, salmon, albacore, hamachi and escolar (white tuna).

With a focus on exotic artistic presentation, fun delivery and gourmet taste, Yooshi Sushi prides itself on providing a unique experience for you and your guests. Creating a feast for the eyes, as well as the belly. Every sushi chef employed by the company has their own distinctive flair for rolling sushi and is more than willing to craft custom rolls on request.

The seasoned Yooshi Sushi team serves the vibrant communities throughout Los Angeles. Whether you're planning a lavish wedding in Calabasas, hosting a sophisticated corporate event in Agoura Hills, uniting family for a festive celebration in Woodland Hills or commemorating a Bar Mitzvah in Sherman Oaks, they promise to elevate the experience, taking sushi aficionados on a memorable culinary adventure.

About Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production

Zad Youshei, founder of Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production, had his first experience managing a sushi restaurant when he took over an empty section of his family’s restaurant. He quickly learned that sushi is not just about serving fresh fish, but has transformed into a dining culture built by imagination and creativity. This led Zad to fuse his managerial experience with his creative imagination to create Yooshi Sushi Catering & Event Production.

So, don't be 'shellfish'! Your wedding guests deserve to experience the wonder of Yooshi Sushi! Book your package now at

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