Indianapolis Private School Abuse Law Firm Takes Forced Sexual Acts Cases

Nov 15, 2023

Jeff Gibson, Esq., the sexual abuse attorney for Abuse Guardian in Indianapolis and Indiana, is proud to be the state’s most committed advocate for justice. If your child has been abused at a private school, he is a name you can trust.

A private school should be a place in which your child’s future is enriched and expanded, not destroyed. If you put your child’s future and education in the hands of a private school that has failed to protect them from abuse, Jeff Gibson, Esq. believes they should pay.

Mr. Gibson and his firm have received statewide and national acclaim for their work protecting the rights and dignity of sexual abuse survivors in civil court cases. Now, they are pleased to be expanding their legal representation services for private school sexual abuse survivors like your child. They hope that by offering you both more legal and auxiliary support services, they can better ensure that justice is served and that you and your child find the support you need to heal. 

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Private school sexual abuse remains a deeply distressing and pervasive issue. If your child’s voice has gone unheard or you have been actively silenced by a private school that is more concerned with their reputation than your child’s wellbeing, Mr. Gibson is determined to bring your case to light; providing justice and closure to you and your family. 

In a state with a growing number of private schools—as of 2023, over 800—Jeff Gibson, Esq. has sadly seen that abuses in these contexts are also rising with a high number of inappropriate touching, grooming, forced sexual acts, and explicit material sharing cases arising in recent years. 

With his updated services, he believes he can better offer you comprehensive legal counsel, evidence collection, advocacy, negotiation, and litigation services. He believes his extensive experience in handling complex cases involving abuse within educational institutions makes him a reliable advocate for your child.

In addition to offering you legal expertise, Jeff Gibson and his team will also provide you with a compassionate and supportive environment. They understand the sensitive nature of these cases and are dedicated to protecting the emotional wellbeing of your child. 

You are recommended to get in contact with Jeff Gibson, Esq., the Abuse Guardian representative for Indianapolis and Indiana. With a long history of successful outcomes and a genuine commitment to the cause, Mr. Gibson is a formidable advocate for justice. 

Abuse Guardian said, “If you or someone you know has been a victim of abuse at a private school in Indiana, it’s crucial to seek legal recourse. The impact of such abuse can be devastating and long-lasting, affecting victims’ mental health and overall wellbeing. By finding the right boarding school abuse lawyer in Indiana, you can hold those responsible accountable for their actions and potentially secure substantial settlements.” 

Don’t let your child’s private school get away with burying what they did.

Visit to see how Mr. Gibson can fight for justice by helping you report and sue your child’s abuser.

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