Hangry Animals NFT Drop: Awesome Evolving Characters

Jul 1, 2023

Creativity and contributions of its community is import to Hangry Animals, and that’s why minter royalties play a significant role in this NFT drop.

Get ready for the highly anticipated Hangry Animals NFT Drop, where the world of adorable and dynamic creatures comes to life! With exclusive features like minter royalties, dynamic traits, evolving characters, token and trait rewards, and an active community, this NFT collection promises an immersive experience across various mediums, including games, comics, and an animated series. Let's dive into the fascinating details of this upcoming event!

Minter Royalties:

Hangry Animals values the creativity and contributions of its community, and that's why minter royalties play a significant role in this NFT drop. With every sale of an Hangry Animal NFT, the original creator will receive a percentage of the proceeds, rewarding them for their art and ensuring sustainable growth within the ecosystem. This encourages artists to continue producing high-quality and unique Hangry Animals.

Dynamic Traits and Evolving Characters:

Hangry Animals take customization to a whole new level with their dynamic traits and evolving nature. Each NFT will have visible and hidden traits, adding a sense of surprise and discovery for collectors. Moreover, as the community interacts with their Hangry Animals, these characters will evolve based on various factors such as gameplay, achievements, and community engagement. This dynamic evolution ensures that each Hangry Animal is truly unique and reflects its owner's journey and dedication.

Token and Trait Rewards:

As a passionate collector of Hangry Animals, minters also have the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of tokens and traits. Engaging in activities such as games, community events, and challenges will unlock exclusive tokens, which can be used to enhance and customize their Hangry Animals further. Additionally, new traits can be discovered through exploration, collaborations, and special promotions, creating a sense of rarity and excitement within the Hangry Animals community.

Games, Comics, and Animated Series:

Hangry Animals is not just an NFT collection; it's a multi-dimensional universe that extends beyond static digital art. The team behind Hangry Animals has crafted an immersive gaming experience where players can embark on captivating quests, challenge opponents, and grow their Hangry Animals' abilities. The collection will also feature an engaging comic series and an animated show that will bring these charming characters to life, captivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Active Community and Quality Partnerships:

One of the core strengths of the Hangry Animals ecosystem is its vibrant and active community. Collectors, artists, and enthusiasts come together in an inclusive and supportive environment, sharing their passion for the project. Regular community events, AMA sessions, and collaborations foster a strong sense of community engagement and ownership within the Hangry Animals universe.

Hangry Animals has also built strategic partnerships with renowned artists, gaming studios, and industry experts. These partnerships ensure the highest quality of content, gameplay experiences, and collaborations that further enrich the Hangry Animals universe. By working with respected entities in the Web 3 space such as

Coinburn: a 20 year veteran developer and high frequency trading expert. Has spent much of his career on wall street. OG of Crypto and Marketing dark arts. Meta-Builders: A full stack Web3 services business

Terry: an independent script writer and director extraordinaire. With two films and a plethora of media content published, he is the main man behind the Hangry lore.

Susan Oh: CMO at Hangry towers, Susan Oh has a wealth of knowledge and connections in Crypto and DeFi space. A well respected voice within business world of Crypto.

Gwilym The Brand man! Gwilym is their branding and layout guru! If a pixel moves, he's on it.

Hangry Animals continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences across different platforms and industries.


With its upcoming NFT drop, Hangry Animals offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of evolving characters, exciting games, engaging comics, and an active community. By incorporating minter royalties, dynamic traits, evolving characters, token and trait rewards, and partnering with quality individuals and organizations, Hangry Animals stands at the forefront of the Web 3 revolution. Get ready to join the Hangry Animals community and embark on an unforgettable journey with these adorable and ever-changing creatures!

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