Grow Emerging Fashion Brands: Join The Respected Industry Networking Community

Oct 16, 2023

Find reliable suppliers and service providers to support your growing fashion brand with the all-in-one industry networking community, Fashion Index.

From unreliable supply chains to changing consumer preferences, there’s a lot to consider when you’re trying to establish and grow a new fashion brand.

Fashion Index is a global network of trusted suppliers and service providers, taking the guesswork out of finding and connecting with the expertise you need.

From individual specialists, such as pattern makers or marketers, to fabric supplies and production facilities, everything is at your fingertips. You can refine your search around specific parameters, such as sustainability, making it super easy to find what/who you’re looking for.

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Fashion Index explains that new businesses often struggle to find reliable suppliers and partners, which can have a huge impact on your company’s growth. The platform vets all its suppliers and service providers, so you can have confidence that you’re connecting with trusted organizations.

A recent report from Oracle highlights some of the challenges currently faced by new and existing fashion brands, including finding suppliers who meet sustainability standards, an increasing focus on digital sales channels, and managing economic pressures, such as inflation.

Fashion Index aims to make it easier for your fashion brand to find expertise in a range of fields, including business consultancy, fabric suppliers, and physical production centers. You can now refine your search by sustainability, location, production volumes, and several additional categories, and you can then send a message to those companies who appear to fit your needs.

“With our industry-wide network, we aim to take the guesswork out of what to do and who to work with,” a company representative explained. “We strive to foster connections among fashion entrepreneurs, professionals, and supply chain businesses, firmly believing that when we work together, we’re all much stronger.”

About Fashion Index Global Corp

In addition to its comprehensive searchable business directory, Fashion Index empowers companies to showcase their details on the platform, supplemented by advanced marketing and B2C functionalities. The founders are committed to constantly enhancing and evolving the platform, aspiring to be the ultimate all-in-one resource for fashion-related businesses globally.

“Fashion Index is a great resource for fashion companies looking for others to work with, and includes everything from people to materials and service providers, like our own software solution,” one business owner recently stated. “We’re also very excited to have an opportunity to spread the word about our fashion technology. Thanks to the whole team for being such great partners.”

Accelerate the growth of your emerging fashion brand by finding reliable industry partners on Fashion Index.

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