Get Top Saint Paul Criminal Defense Legal Services For Expert Representation

Mar 16, 2021

If you’re facing serious allegations in or around Saint Paul, you need to seek counsel from the best criminal defense attorneys around – call +1-612-436-3051 to find out more!

Facing serious charges? You need a legal team that understands your predicament and will fight to give you the best possible defense. If you’re in Saint Paul, you can count on Ryan Garry LLC, Criminal Defense Attorneys! 

Minneapolis, Minnesota-based law firm Ryan Garry LLC, Criminal Defense Attorneys have updated their comprehensive range of legal services for clients in Saint Paul and surrounding areas. Their experienced team of professionals can represent and consult you regarding white collar crime, including cases of identity theft, embezzlement, or PPP loan fraud, and other allegations.

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The newly expanded legal services aim to provide you with confident guidance and protection through complex proceedings. When you’re facing serious consequences stemming from allegations, Ryan Garry LLC, Criminal Defense Attorneys fight to consistently ensure that you and your business will be protected to the fullest extent throughout all cases. 

The company emphasizes that experienced attorneys are essential in navigating the particulars of white collar crime cases. Their team is equipped to properly protect your rights while building defensive strategies that are designed to reduce your charges or have them dismissed entirely. 

If you’re in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, or nearby areas, you’ll benefit from the company’s expert reputation in Federal and State cases. The team has a proven track record for positive results in criminal defense, and strives to assuage your concerns in stressful situations. 

As a Certified Criminal Law Specialist who has been named among the Top 100 Lawyers in Minnesota multiple times in recent years, Ryan Garry offers you assured legal representation. 

Among other legal services, his team of highly sought-after attorneys are specialists in areas such as fraud, forgery, mail theft, and offenses related to the ongoing pandemic. You can find them at,+Criminal+Defense+Attorneys/@44.974302,-93.2697677,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf1250c222b7411cc!8m2!3d44.974302!4d-93.267579

One satisfied client said of Ryan Garry’s legal services: “It was very important to me to have a clean criminal history. Ryan met with me and explained the process of how we would attack my criminal charges. The prosecutor finally agreed to a resolution that avoided a criminal record. Ryan demonstrated empathy with what I was going through and fought aggressively to win my case.” 

Ryan Garry LLC, Criminal Defense Attorneys will give you the representation you deserve. You can click the links above as well as to find out more about their expansive range of legal representation services. You can also schedule a free consultation for advice and options pertaining to specific cases or allegations! 

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