Get The Best USA Independent Medical Witnesses For Your Emergency Surgery Case

Aug 26, 2021

Looking for the best emergency surgery expert medical witness for your case? Contact Homestead Medical Experts (+1-877-244-3703) today for the team who can bring the skills, expertise and knowledge you need!

If you need medical testimonies to support a case in court, this legal service is the solution for you.

With the new announcement, the Princeton, New Jersey based legal experts can help clients who want to pursue medical liability or medical malpractice claims against physicians or other health care providers.

More information can be found at

The updated services are provided by a team of experienced physicians, nurses and social workers. They can conduct an exhaustive analysis of your records, consult and testify.

To recover damages in a medical liability or medical malpractice case, you must establish that the physician owed a duty to the patient, the standard of care and that the physician violated that standard, a compensable injury, and that the violation of the quality of care caused the harm suffered by the patient.

During these cases, it is important to call expert witnesses who can review your case, provide legal consultation, submit reports, offer testimony, and who have extensive experience in matters related to the practice of medicine.

Homestead Medical Experts perform Independent Medical exams or IME’s, and can report about injuries or medical conditions that are credible, clear and concise. Their physicians, nurses, and other healthcare specialists will ensure that the legal aspects of your case are addressed properly, and they fully understand the role that various state and federal laws play in certain situations.

As part of their services, they offer provider recruitment, credentialing and ultimate selection, appointment notification and confirmation, medical record retrieval, preparation and review, medical report analysis, and film retrieval.

The team at Homestead Medical Experts have been helping clients throughout the USA since 2015. All of their medical professionals are vetted experts in their fields, and are dedicated to helping you achieve the most favorable outcomes in any form of litigation.

A satisfied client said: “Homestead and its professionals do an outstanding job. They work hard to identify and screen experts and then coordinate and follow through on every aspect of the expert’s work. As a practicing trial lawyer with 25 years’ experience in personal injury litigation, I can say without reservation this is the best experience I have ever had, from finding and retaining, to workup, to disclosure, and beyond.”

Assist the court in reaching the right decision with Homestead Medical Experts.

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