Get The Best UK Consumer Help Guide To Choosing The Right Plantation Shutters

Jan 16, 2019

Shuttercraft Ltd launched a special consumer help guide section to help clients find the right shutters for their home. The new section covers the main benefits of using shutters, how to use them for maximum efficiency, when to use them, and many more.

  • get the best uk consumer help guide to choosing the right plantation shutters
  • get the best uk consumer help guide to choosing the right plantation shutters

Shuttercraft Ltd, a shutter company based in Winchester, Hampshire, announced the launch of a new consumer help guide section for customers who have not decided yet why and how they should use shutters. The new guide explains why shutters are a great addition to one’s home and provides detailed information on what is the difference between solid and louvre panel plantation shutters, why shutters were invented in the first place, how plantation shutters work, where is the best place to fit them, which kind of windows need shutters, what to look for when buying shutters, and many more.

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Shuttercraft Ltd is one of the UK’s largest shutter companies, expertly installing a wide range of premium, made-to-measure shutters and blinds, including solid panel window shutters and louvre panel plantation shutters. Their new guide explains that solid shutters are completely solid with no louvres, whereas shutters with louvre panels have a carefully calculated number of louvres installed that work in sync to control the light.

In the consumer help guide section, clients will find instructions on how to operate these type of shutters in the warm and cold months. As plantation shutters are designed to keep warm in the winter and cool during the summer because of their operable and movable louvres, it is fairly easy to use them.

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During warmer months, clients are advised to keep the shutters closed while the sun shines directly on the window, open the louvres when the sun eases off and then adjust them to their preference at night. In the colder months, it is better to open the shutters at first light and close them at sunset.

Whether in summer or winter time, plantation shutters help reduce energy bills, add extra privacy and security to one’s home, and improve light control.

At Shuttercraft Ltd, clients will find a great selection of quality products and comprehensive survey and advice to find the product that best suits their home or property. The team of specialists can fit any type of shutters perfectly, transforming their clients’ home to their exact tastes.

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or calling +44-1962-794530.

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