How To Dress A Window Without Curtains: 7 Different Ways, By UK Shutter Experts

Jul 31, 2023

Shuttercraft is the UK’s biggest name in blinds and shutters and they are here to show you a whole world of window dressings beyond curtains.

If curtains just aren’t your vibe or you’ve got a faded old set that you’ve wanted to get rid of for years, Shuttercraft has window styling ideas you will love.

Called ‘How to Dress a Window Without Curtains: 7 Different Ways’, Shuttercraft’s guide helps you think outside the curtain box. In developing the report, Shuttercraft’s in-house design team has consulted with some of the UK’s leading interior designers, and together they have come up with an array of visually distinctive window dressings that you can use to completely alter the look and feel of a room or your whole home.

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Shuttercraft appreciates that, in 2023, curtains might be synonymous with ‘grandma’ for you, and while ‘grand millennial’ and ‘granny chic’ are both fashion and interior design styles that suit particular tastes, Shuttercraft believes that you are probably looking for clean and modern looks for your windows.

If you know you don’t want curtains but are unsure what other looks and styles may be available, Shuttercraft is proud to provide you with new options. If you’re minimalist, the window treatment specialists suggest that high-grade UV film is a bold option that will allow you to insulate your home better whilst leaving your windows completely unadorned. Shuttercraft’s designers feel this style works particularly well if you have a contemporary home or sizeable floor-to-ceiling statement windows.

For an iconic charm, Shuttercraft recommends plantation shutters to you, but they invite you to consider more unique variants of this classic look, including café-style half-height shutters, tier-on-tier shutters, or coloured shutters.

Other distinct looks the guide explores are custom printed fabric Roman blinds and light voile or lace coverings, a very old-meets-new style popular this year.

Ultimately, as Shuttercraft explains, given that your home likely has a variety of window shapes and sizes, a custom approach is required for your home, which likely involves selecting different window treatments for different rooms.

This is what Shuttercraft believes they can help you with - their design team can create an entire look for your home that features different made-to-measure blinds and shutters styles. They can also help you balance practical concerns like light control and energy efficiency with design aesthetics.

A spokesperson for the window treatment and window dressing specialists said, “If you’d like to hear more about how to dress a window without curtains using shutters or blinds, our design team is always on hand to help.”

If you’re certain you don’t want curtains, Shuttercraft is ready to design an exciting new look for your windows.

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