Get The Best Mobile Credit Card Payment Processor For Your Food Truck Business

Mar 24, 2023

American Verification Processing Solutions can help you sell, sell, sell anywhere you are! Get a mobile terminal today! Call them at +1-800-719-9198 or visit their website to find out more.

Get The Best Mobile Credit Card Payment Processor For Your Food Truck Business

These days, when you scream, "Show me the money", people won't show you actual cash, but their e-wallets. LOL. Like books, I like real paper, but that's just me.

Although I admit, I love the convenience of paying and being paid with just a tap of a card on a mobile device-the future is indeed here! Get in touch with American Verification Processing Solutions (AVPS) and get a mobile terminal for your business-your customers will love you for it. Mine do.

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AVPS' offerings allow you to accept payments on the floor or curbside. They offer a wide range of high-quality branded mobile terminals, such as MagTek eDynamo card readers, Clover Go devices, and PayAnywhere 3-in-1 terminals.

These options provide you with convenient opportunities to set up shop anywhere with internet access. It allows you to transact payments through mobile devices, digital wallets, or contactless means via secure POS (point-of-sale) systems.

“Be where your customers are and conveniently accept payments on the spot or on the road. Having the ability to accept payments anywhere, anytime, gives you peace of mind in knowing that you will rarely have to lose a sale,” says a company representative. “With our mobile terminals and industrial strength payment solutions, the possibilities are endless.”

AVPS offers mobile payment terminals that provide you with immediate transactions, instant authorizations, and fast turnarounds. Not only do they offer the convenience of tapping a phone or credit card at a point of sale, but they also present one of the most secure forms of commerce. Mobile payments require immediate authentication through fingerprint, facial recognition, or passcode, eliminating the likelihood of data theft.

The company offers one card reader for mobile and stationary needs, such as the MagTek eDynamo device. It may be used as a mobile or a countertop device and connects to the internet wirelessly. The Clover Go terminal integrates with all Clover devices, offers end-to-end security, and issues paperless receipts via email or SMS. They also sell PayAnywhere readers that accept magnetic stripe, chip cards, and contactless payments.

AVPS has been the go-to choice for many small businesses since it opened its doors. They offer a full suite of payment processing services, including virtual gateways, countertop terminals, Clover stations, electronic bank loans, currency trading, and business management software.

According to a company spokesperson, "We understand that businesses need help with technology and customer service. AVPS offers competitive pricing and best-in-class services to help you succeed with the most advanced technology, solutions, and support for your needs."

Enjoy the convenience, speed, and security that a mobile payment terminal can offer your business! Call +1-800-719-9198 to find out how.

Visit for more details.

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