Touchless Payment Processing Terminals & Digital Banking For Small Businesses

Jun 16, 2023

American Verification Processing Solutions can connect your business with a wide range of payment processing systems through their new and improved service.

When a customer chooses to make a purchase from your businesses, they expect to be able to do so using different payment options. While it may feel as though paying the interchange fees required for credit and debit payments may not be worth it, the fact of the matter is that businesses who offer these modern payment options are likely to see a per-sale increase of 20-30%. Perhaps this is not surprising at all - customers pay more when making those payments is more convenient.

However, finding the payment solutions required to accept the full range of mobile and card-based payments can be difficult, especially when seeking to minimize fees. With that in mind, American Verification Processing Solutions (AVPS) is offering help when deciding which payment and verification products are right for your business. You can benefit from end-to-end support for all aspects of payment processing, from in-store terminals to virtual gateways.

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The financial processing experts at AVPS are capable of helping even high-risk businesses access payment processing services. These businesses may have trouble finding support from mainstream financial providers due to the associated pitfalls, in which case AVPS can connect businesses to specialized accounts for high-risk merchants.

Many of the services offered by the company have been optimized to reduce transaction fees and minimize the impact of using a third-party payment processing system on your bottom line. In this way, you will be able to access the systems necessary to run a modern establishment while retaining as much of your profits as possible, regardless of the risk level that your business operates at.

In addition to making it easier for merchants to process payments, AVPS improves customers' experience with the payment systems. The company offers fast, responsive technologies that save time at checkout and require minimal interaction.

AVPS also carries hardware such as handheld and countertop payment terminals from Verifone and Ingenico, each of which can be used to quickly process card-based payments.

AVPS was founded by financial professional Natasha Beswick. Over the course of her 23-year career in the payment processing industry, she identified some the common issues faced by most merchants when attempting to set up processing and verification, and has established the company to address these challenges.

Whether you are selling stylish apparel, delicious foods, or incredible entertainment, AVPS has the support you need to accept payments of all kinds from customers everywhere.

You can contact the AVPS team to request a demo of any of their countertop terminal, virtual gateway, or mobile payment products. Their company is committed to helping small businesses access the versatile solutions necessary to be successful in any industry, and is ready and willing to help connect you and your team to the best solutions possible.

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