Discover Secure Merchant Processing & Cashback Programs For Small Businesses

Jul 21, 2023

“Payment error” – a message that frustrates customers and companies alike. If the problem is with your processing system, your sales will suffer. Don’t let that happen: call American Verification Processing Solutions at 1-800-719-9198 for a secure setup.

Payment gateways are like all gateways - they need to be secure. If your business frequently deals with phone orders, cryptocurrency, or other transaction types, choose safer processing: choose American Verification Processing Solutions.

Want to offer your customers more payment options? AVPS is taking steps to empower your business with comprehensive payment processing solutions. Get help with virtual payment processing, mobile terminals, high-risk merchant accounts, point-of-sale devices, and more.

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The national merchant processing company offers secure card and online payment solutions for restaurants, retail stores, collection agencies, and healthcare facilities. Ready to accept cryptocurrency payments? AVPS customizes its solutions to meet the scale and volume needs of local and online businesses like yours, no matter your needs.

The AVPS platform combines payment processing with merchant account services, business management, ACH processing, cashback program support, and data protection. As a business owner, you're likely to agree that cost-effectiveness is the most highlighted feature of mobile point-of-sale systems. Moreover, offering multiple payment options increases your cash flow and profitability.

AVPS has partnered with industry leaders in high-security payment gateway providers to offer your customers more flexibility in paying for goods and services. The rapidly multiplying number of mobile payment methods means AVPS can support your physical, e-commerce, or hybrid business through a unified system that offers revered security, processing time, and flexibility with complete regulatory compliance.

Its available storefront solutions include mobile terminals with merchant accounts, countertop terminals, and POS devices that can be used to manage most aspects of your sales cycle. AVPS also supplies high-performance Clover POS, a smart point-of-sale solution for bookstores, hair salons, barbershops, jewelry stores, and fashion outlets.

Meet Natasha Beswick, the product owner of AVPS and a 23-year veteran of the credit card processing industry. Her vast experience includes customer support, terminal downloads, initial underwriting, merchant account processing, risk evaluation, contracting, and employee management. As the product owner, she manages the company's corporate compliance and regulatory filings.

American Verification Processing Solutions can help you and your customers alike. Happy shoppers equal happy merchants!

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