Get The Best Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney For Fraud & Forgery Charges

Jul 8, 2022

Get the representation you need for white-collar crime charges. Call (612)436-3051 to find out how Ryan Garry, LLC can help.

Get The Best Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney For Fraud & Forgery Charges

Getting charged with a white-collar crime is serious. If you've been charged, you can be facing fines or jail time. That's why you need Ryan Garry, LLC.

The firm's experienced attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to defend you from charges like fraud, embezzlement, forgery, theft and more. When it comes to criminal defense, these guys really know their stuff.

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If you've been accused of white-collar crime, then Ryan Garry, LLC will give you a high-quality defense and expert legal team to deal with your case.

White-collar crime is increasing in America. According to recent estimates, are roughly 5,000 arrests for such crimes for every 100,000 people each year. Those arrested can face 20 years in prison or hefty fines.

Ryan Garry, LLC will give you the representation you need to navigate the complex legal proceedings after being accused of a white-collar crime. The team has an excellent track record in reducing sentencing times and fines and getting acquittals for their clients. So no matter what you've been accused of, you can rely on these guys to help you out.

With stakes like prison time and fines, you need attorneys experienced in dealing with all manner of fraud and embezzlement cases. Ryan Garry, LLC has unparalleled resources to manage the immense amount of paperwork associated with these crimes. The team will work around the clock to analyze countless documents to make sure no stone goes unturned when it comes to your case.

You won't be treated like just another client. They will make an effort to develop a strong working relationship with you, getting to know the ins and outs of your specific case. By immersing themselves in your case, the attorneys find all the evidence they need to protect you from the prosecution.

Book a free consultation with the law firm today! Simply fill out a confidential form on the firm's website and will get back to you straight away to discuss the specific details of your case.

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The firm is headed by criminal law specialist, Ryan Garry. The legal professional practices in state and federal courts, and has developed a strong reputation as an accomplished trial attorney. Ryan Garry and his team are firmly committed to providing you with high-quality representation in the face of criminal charges.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “We look forward to developing a productive relationship with our clients to assist them in resolving their cases. One of the most important advantages we have over the State’s Attorney’s office is that we immerse ourselves into an in-depth analysis of the facts of our cases.”

Ryan Garry, LLC are the defense experts you can rely on. Contact the law firm to learn more about their white-collar crime defense services.

Get the best defense for your white-collar crime case. Go to to find out how Ryan Garry, LLC can help you today.

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