Get The Best Medical Record Retrieval, Preparation & Analysis For Recruitment

Jan 4, 2022

Medical testimony has never been more crucial as all sectors of society adjust to a post-Covid world. Get the expertise you need for all manner of legal proceedings with Homestead Medical Experts.

Can I get a witness? Yes, you can! Call Homestead Medical Experts for reliable, science-backed testimony for your upcoming court cases!

While finding the right specialist for legal testimony can be challenging and stressful for defendants and lawyers alike, the Princeton, NJ-based medical witness agency has announced updated services for case management teams in the post-pandemic era.

Homestead Medical Experts’ latest launch expands its roster of highly-experienced physicians to provide evidence-based credibility for complex legal cases. The company employs a 1,000-strong team of doctors and other non-medical professionals, offering you expertise in almost every specialty across all 50 states.

Make your legal case watertight with board-certified specialists courtesy of Homestead Medical Experts. More details at

The announcement details a range of benefits if you are seeking honest and reliable witnesses to bolster a case. Homestead Medical Experts provide support for all your personal injury, medical malpractice, and insurance defense claims.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, medical professionals have an ethical and professional responsibility to assist with both criminal and civil judicial proceedings. The use of medical-based testimony has become increasingly common, providing clients with tangible science-backed evidence as well as respected experiential opinion.

Homestead Medical Experts can provide detailed case evaluations, helping you to ascertain the merits, strengths, and weaknesses of a particular case before you decide to take it on. The company’s nurse team offers evaluation payable by the hour rather than the more common flat rates charged by other providers, helping to keep your costs low.

Secure, cloud-based document sharing software enables the swift transfer of records. Homestead also offers a complimentary consultation with an expert once the merits of a case have been screened via the nurse evaluation process.

You can also benefit from independent medical examinations. The company provides support for recruitment processing, medical record preparation, retrieval, and analysis, as well as ensuring that attorneys and employers are kept abreast of developments at every stage of the process.

About Homestead Medical Experts

Led by founder and CEO Seth Lefburg, the company has been connecting experienced medical witnesses with attorneys since 2015. Homestead appoints a dedicated case manager for each of its clients, ensuring prompt communication and efficient workflow for a range of litigation procedures.

A spokesperson says, “We have a network of actively practicing board-certified medical experts in every specialty. We recruit and arrange complimentary conference calls with the prospective experts of your choice. You only pay when you are ready to retain your expert.”

With its latest service expansion, Homestead Medical Experts continues to set the bar for legal case support.

Don’t jeopardize your litigation with non-credible witnesses. Find out more here:

Whether it’s medical or non-medical expertise you’re after to boost your judicial case, Homestead Medical Experts has got you covered!

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