Get The Best Legal Support In New York With This Auto Accident Injury Specialist in Hicksville Levitown NY

Sep 17, 2020

Seeking legal assistance can ensure victims of auto accidents receive the compensation they are entitled to. The Law Office of Richard M Kenny has launched a range of legal services to support victims of car accidents in the New York City area.

Have you been involved in an auto accident? Do you want to be represented by an expert legal team? Would you like to receive a fair settlement for your injuries? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, this is the legal support service for you!

The Law Office of Richard M Kenny, a New York based attorney who specializes in personal injury and medical malpractice, has launched a new range of legal services for victims of auto accidents, such as yourself.

You can find out more at

The newly launched legal services are specifically aimed at you if you have been involved in auto accident that was not your fault. The services have been launched in a bid to support you as over half of all NYC car crashes cause injury to one or more people involved.

Recklessness or negligence generally causes these accidents to occur. As you may be aware, they can leave you with large medical bills and life-changing injuries. The Law Firm of Richard M Kenny appellate cases that affect the rights of personal injury claimants.

The legal firm argues it is crucial that you seek legal assistance as soon as practicably possible if you have been the victim of a car accident. This ensures you receive the full monetary compensation you are entitled to.

Hiring a professional legal team has many advantages. They can deal with the insurance company for you, which allows you to continue with your life. A professional legal team can also help with issues such as proving liability for the injuries you sustained.

In many cases, one of the most challenging aspects of an auto accident claim is proving the negligence of the other party. As is often the case, people will try to shift blame and find ways to avoid taking responsibility. We can help you to prove their liability.

As one of the top 100 trial lawyers in America, Richard M Kenny and his expert legal team are well placed to help you receive compensation that accurately reflects the injuries you received. Many insurance companies will make an offer far below what you may be entitled to, to quickly close the case and save money.

A happy client wrote: “After the car accident, I was in a bad way. Luckily, Richard M Kenny and his team helped me out and made me feel like part of their family. This support was invaluable, and I have no idea what would have happened without them. I would probably have been pressured into accepting a low settlement figure.”

If you require legal assistance, please get in touch via the website link provided.

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