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Mar 19, 2021

When involved in an accident from an Uber or Lyft, one should immediately get in contact with an attorney from The Law Office of RMK to determine the next steps in building a proper legal case

Rideshare services have since taken over the globe, and exponentially fast. In a span of five years, industry giants Uber and Lyft have surpassed cabs and other modes of transportation as they have proven to be a safe and reliable mode of transportation. However, accidents are still inevitable even in today’s age. Uber and Lyft accidents can tend to get complex as employment in the rideshare industry is not as conventional as typical taxi companies. When involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, one should immediately consult an experienced and knowledgeable attorney from an esteemed law firm.

The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny is a law firm based in New York City and has had experience in Uber and Lyft accidents since the industry began. Rideshare accident attorneys will be able to determine if a client has substantial grounds for a claim and know how to build and handle a case and get the proper compensation for the damages caused. They do not charge any consultation fee and will only charge their clients when a reasonable settlement is reached and their client is properly compensated. Call (646) 808-3785 or visit https://www.rmkinjurylaw.com/ to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney in New York City.

Uber and Lyft drivers are not contractually employed by a company but independent individuals working on their own time and using the rideshare platforms as a means of doing work in exchange for compensation. This unregulated employment can get difficult in accident cases because it’s hard to pinpoint liability. When one gets into an accident involving a Lyft or an Uber, the attorney would file the claim under the company’s insurance company to expedite the process. The insurance companies involved on the opposite side of the case are the ones who determine how much compensation a victim should receive from the accident, and a good rideshare accident attorney will be able to present a compelling case to ensure the right amount of compensation be given for their clients.Factors that will determine how much compensation a victim should receive are severity of the accident, whether or not the victim suffered serious injury, cause of accident, and nature of the accident.

A victim can greatly help in their case by providing evidence and being mentally present when the accident occurs, given that they have not suffered severe injuries. In a typical accident, any substantial information would greatly benefit a case because there would be clear evidence to the important questions that determine the outcome of the case. The victim can gather information by taking the driver’s license number, license plate, insurance information, and taking pictures and videos of the accident scene. Apart from that, there are more ways to get reliable evidence, which include eyewitness testimony, dash cam recordings, footage from nearby surveillance cameras, photographs of the scene from nearby pedestrians, police reports, statements from accident reconstruction experts, and receipts detailing the ridesharing trip.

An attorney from the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny will aggressively fight for their client’s case and guarantee they will be granted the proper financial compensation that fits the damages done. This can range up to $1.25 million in liability coverage per accident, including property damage and personal injuries for Uber accidents and up to $1 million for Lyft accidents. At RMK Law Office, a consultation fee is not asked for at all and will only charge their client if they win a case. This gives their clients the assurance that they will not rest until every angle is approached, and have prepared their case as if going into trial. They will provide guidance and consultation at each stage of the proceedings until the expected settlement is reached. There are a myriad more facets of the law surrounding rideshare accidents that are only understood fully by attorneys who have years of knowledge and experience battling and winning those cases. Such are the attorneys at RMK Law Office and can be contacted for a free case evaluation any time through their website or landline.

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