Get Sill-Less Gas Strut Commercial Service Windows From This Top US Designer

Aug 12, 2023

OpenUp Windows makes the only commercial service window that holds itself completely open and that can be perfectly fitted in a new commercial kitchen or in a kitchen conversion.

OpenUp Windows knows exactly what your commercial kitchen needs: one of their premium quality service windows. Whether you have a boutique bar or a big brasserie, OpenUp’s windows always make service better.

OpenUp Windows’ pass-through window gives you a unique gas strut flip-out design that makes it operate similarly to an awning window, except it can hold itself open at a 90-degree angle. Now, with their new sill-less model, the bespoke window makers have tried to create a design that can you can easily have installed in your kitchen and that you can have placed above an existing countertop if you’re doing a kitchen conversion or remodel.

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OpenUp Windows has been in the commercial service window-making business for almost four decades, which is why they know you want custom fittings that can perfectly meet the needs of your employees and patrons, and that can match with your design aesthetic and venue vibe.

OpenUp’s new sill-less model has a 3-sided frame, which means you can place it above any countertop or tabletop without needing to make any adjustments or breaks to your countertop’s surface. With this change, they believe their window is now better suited to both new build designs and kitchen conversions and remodels—and they recommend that you can integrate one of their windows into your design plan at any stage of its conception or execution.

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Alongside their new sill-less design, OpenUp Windows is also offering you more customization options. You can now pick from over 25 different-sized windows or can have a window made to your exact size specifications. Likewise, you can also now customize the finish and color of the frame of your new window, as well as accents like the handle.

With their new sill-less 3-sided frame, OpenUp also believes their window now brings you a more modern and minimalist design style.

OpenUp Windows designs and crafts all their windows in their boutique East Coast workshop and their engineering and customer service teams are happy to work with you from the moment you embark upon your kitchen build or conversion project. They can also help you by liaising directly with your architects and/or contractors.

A spokesperson for the pass-through window makers said, “When you trust OpenUp with the design of your pass-through window, you can rest assured that every detail will be accounted for. Our passion for quality design shines through in our work—our windows are intended to beautify, redefine, and truly open up your space, all while adhering to the highest set of durability, sustainability, and quality standards.”

Serve your customers better with a new commercial service window from OpenUp.

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