Get Personalized E-Foiling Lessons For Beginners To Advanced Riders In Portland

Jul 26, 2023

Looking to start practicing the most exhilarating watersport in Portland, Oregon this summer? Take flight with Foil NW’s (971-717-0384) e-foil coaching, demos, and tours!

If the freedom to fly across Portland’s stunning waterways on an electric surfboard appeals to you, you need to sign up with this e-foil coaching school!

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced rider looking to advance your levitation skills, at Foil NW, you can book the ride of your life . What’s more, you can demo all the newest and latest equipment upgrades and book a tour to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

And, if you want to make cruising across the ocean a regular thing, you can get a discount on your own e-foil from Foil NW too!

Check it all out at

Available for individuals, couples, and groups, Foil NW’s lessons and experiences are ideal for summer breaks, corporate bonding, and special occasions such as birthdays and bachelor parties.

Electric hydrofoil surfboards (e-foils) are water boards equipped with a mast and an additional hydrofoil wing, allowing the rider to glide above the water as if they are flying. Powered by a battery and propellor, e-foils do not require waves for propulsion, unlike traditional surfboards.

Producing minimal noise and no emissions, e-foiling is fast becoming a popular, environmentally friendly water sport. “The experience is like none other. With the electric-powered engine, e-foiling doesn’t pollute our beautiful waterways with oil or gas, and you don’t need a buddy to tow you,” said Foil NW.

The coaches work with GetFoil - a company that builds and assembles e-foils in the USA. GetFoil’s FOIL board boasts direct drive functionality and is made from hand-molded carbon fiber for optimized performance.

All of Foil NW’s lessons include the use of a life jacket and helmet. Wetsuit, drysuit, and action camera rentals are also available.

In addition to coaching, the company arranges supervised e-foil experiences. If you have passed the skills test, you can book a daytime or sunset tour to enjoy Portland’s mountainous scenery.

If you want to purchase a FOIL board, Foil NW offers demos that include board assembly and equipment testing tutorials. Contributions from lessons and demos can be applied to board purchases as well - you can also take advantage of Foil NW's discounts and current specials!

About Foil NW

Foil NW is a family-run business led by experienced watersports coaches with backgrounds in surfing and professional water skiing. The company offers coaching in the Portland Metro, Hood River, and North Coast areas.

A spokesperson for the company said: “After discovering the world of e-foiling, we wanted to share the experience of flying over the water to the Pacific NW. We chose to represent FOIL brand boards because of their great reputation, quality product, and starting price point that makes it easier for people to get into the great new sport of e-foiling.”

To experience the ocean in a whole new way, call Foil NW today at 971-717-0384!

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