Medicare FMO: Back-Office Support For New Insurance Agents With Free CRM System

May 2, 2024

With thousands of Americans turning 65 every day, there’s no shortage of demand for Medicare products for seniors. Meet the growing need for health insurance by partnering with Trusted American Insurance Agency. Get top-level contracts from carriers nationwide!

Trying to make your mark in the health insurance market? Are you recently qualified and in need of some expertise and training to help you grow a successful business selling Medicare?

Join forces with Trusted American Insurance Agency (TAIA) – a field marketing organization specializing in resources for newly qualified insurance agents. More details at

Experience the power of a large organization behind you with back-office support and top-level contracts from carriers nationwide. TAIA brings over 15 years of experience in the senior healthcare market and is actively recruiting new partners for both full and part-time roles. Want to be a part of it?

What Do I Need To Do?

To be eligible to join, you must have completed your state licensing exams. Once this is done, the onboarding process is swift and simple. You can set up an account via the TAIA website, complete a contracting form, and schedule a welcome call before completing your carrier training and receiving your writing number.

Tried & Tested Templates

You can access a host of templates to help you scale your business, from business plan frameworks that give some structure and shape to your short and long-term goals to marketing tools.


TAIA's marketing templates – covering everything from social media ads, emails, and seminar flyers to cross-selling letters – are regularly updated to stay within Medicare guidelines. Take advantage of the agency's website-building services too, which are free for recruits.

Free CRM System

You can access the A3 Portal – a CRM system that features an instant Medicare quoting tool. An uploading feature for new applications allows you to track the progress of submissions while a library of sales scripts offers inspiration – ideal if you're struggling to close deals.

More Commission In Your Back Pocket

TAIA ensures that you get to keep 100% of your commission fees (typically between 5 and 20% of a premium sold). You'll also get the opportunity to offer non-Medicare products, including coverage for dental work and hearing loss issues, alongside life insurance and annuities.

A spokesperson says, “Our team of experts have partnered with agents across the nation to improve their sales. Through personalized service, business coaching, and expert Medicare advice, we've earned the trust of more than 6,000.”

Sell Medicare the easy way with TAIA!

For more info, go to

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