Get Fastest Roadside Locksmith & Remote Key Fob Replacement Service In Austin

Nov 3, 2023

Pop-A-Lock of Austin (512-447-8222) can help you out of a bad spot if you are caught stranded by the side of the road, no matter what you drive.

Do you drive a lemon?

You know, an old junk car, an unreliable rust-bucket, a rattletrap jalopy?

As the proud owner of a 2002 Subaru Outback, I can tell you right now that you absolutely need a backup plan to get help, even during short trips. I drove three states away with no plan once - I ended up stuck in a Home Depot parking lot in 12 degree weather, trying to re-attach my exhaust assembly with duct tape. Don't make the same mistake I did! Make sure you have an emergency action plan!

I hear you asking: but what am I supposed to do? I can't afford a 50 dollar monthly subscription fee to sign with a provider!

Well, to that I say: You don't need to pay that much, not when Pop-A-Lock is around! Often called (by me and no one else) the Guardians of the I-35, they are the premier roadside assistance service in the Austin area, and will be there to help you no matter what you drive!

To request an immediate dispatch, visit

Given that I-35 is one of the most congested roadways in the entire US, these services are sorely needed by the hundreds of drivers who get stranded on the roadside every month. If you are ever stranded as so many have been before you, simply call 512-447-8222 to get immediate assistance!

Austin's Finest Locksmithing Team

Pop-A-Lock’s roadside assistance service can help in the event of a lockout situation, or in the case of a broken key or key fob.

They can also:

  • Jump-start your car
  • Reprogram a faulty fob
  • Repair your ignition or remove a broken key
  • Deliver gasoline to your location
  • Change a flat tire

These additional services are included in their standard roadside package. Their team will also provide a quote ahead of providing service, and will never charge more than that initial quote as part of their fair pricing guarantee.

The roadside assistance team specializes in the repair and replacement of remote key fobs, including folding fobs, remote key heads, and remote start modules. While the majority of the remote keys stocked by Pop-A-Lock are usable only with newer vehicles, they have recently added a selection of fobs compatible with those manufactured before 2000.

One customer said this regarding Pop-A-Lock’s roadside service: “I had an amazing experience. I scheduled through my roadside assistance. They were the 3rd party that my provider utilized. Super fast to get to me, quickly changed my tire to a spare, shared location via web app, very professional. Cannot speak highly enough about my experience.”

Assistance When & Where You Need It

While their roadside program is great for Austin residents and those visiting the area, it is not the only service their team provides! Pop-A-Lock is also Austin's choice for a wide range of locksmithing services, from commercial security system replacement to residential lockout assistance!

Their team will arrive on-site as soon as possible, wearing official dress and driving company vehicles to ensure that you can feel as secure as possible while receiving service.

Pop-A-Lock reminds its customers to practice due diligence whenever hiring a locksmith of any kind. Their trusted service has spawned many imitators attempting to capitalize on the goodwill their company has built. Don't be fooled - there is only ONE official Pop-A-Lock.

In the event of an emergency lockout situation, or a scenario in which a child is locked in a hot car, Pop-A-Lock provides their services free of charge through their PALSavesKids program. If you are in need of assistance, you should call 512-447-8222 to request a technician or visit the link below to schedule a same-day appointment.

To read about their full range of services or request a dispatch, visit

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