Get Durable Christmas Stockings And Elegant Name Stickers For Gift Wrapping

Jan 25, 2021

You can create a memorable gift experience this season by gifting your loved ones the attractive burlap stockings sold by WG Wholesale Inc. Add a final finishing touch to your wrapping with the elegant self-adhesive Christmas name tag stickers to customize your gift.

WG Wholesale Inc. brings you the best holiday season décor in the form of Xmas stockings made of high-quality burlap. These are durable and large enough to hold treats, goodies, and presents. Wrap them with a decorative ribbon and stick an exclusive name tag label available in the online store of the company to make your gift package stand out from the others.

The newly released products of this firm have been designed to create an easier Christmas environment while keeping traditions alive. The company focuses on getting the best deals for you, with products from around the globe.

The burlap stockings from WG Wholesale Inc. are available in a set of four. They can be used to adorn a fireplace, Christmas tree, window, mantle, staircase, or even a wall. Made from good quality fabric, they are thick and washable and can be used for a long time.

The large 16×11.5×7 inch size ensures that they have enough space to hold Christmas candies such as candy canes and chocolates. They can also hold your gift cards and small gifts. The plain color of the stockings from WG Wholesale Inc. makes it suitable to decorate, based on your preference. Names can either be embroidered onto the fabric or printed with a crafting pen to personalize the stocking. This gift can add a rustic and traditional atmosphere to your home.

The self-adhesive Christmas name tag stickers come in a dispenser roll box which makes it easy to pull out one label at a time. This also helps keep the stickers neatly organized. All types of writing implements, whether pen, sharpie, or pencil can be used to write on these labels and will not cause a smudge.

Available in 2 by 3 inches size, they will fit on any gift package. A box of 80 stickers from WG Wholesale Inc. comes with four elegant designs of 20 pieces each suitable for this season. The color and designs complement all types of packaging. Extra labels can be stored in the box to be used the following year during the holiday season.

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