London Advanced TKR Options To Eliminate Stiffness & Maximize Mobility

May 7, 2024

Technology and medicine are advancing, and kicking the traditional methods right out of the picture. MSK Doctors in London offers the latest, most advanced, clinically proven techniques, to get you back on your feet and feeling great, fast. Like the new TWIS-TKR.

When I had my knee surgery done, it was completed by two specialist doctors, working together.

You might say it was a "joint operation".... Joking aside though, if you're ready for a new knee, don't settle for the old technology - get the latest, greatest, and fastest healing option from a local clinic that offers advanced medicine - like MSK Doctors in London.

In a minute, I'll tell you about the newest, coolest, most natural-feeling knee replacement available today, but first - let me explain something else.

Why would I suggest MSK Doctors in my blog?

The answer is simple, and threefold.

  1. You can book your own appointment, with no GP referral, and no waiting list.
  2. They offer the most advanced techniques, before they're available elsewhere.
  3. They're specialists in the new TWIS-TKR technique that I want to tell you about.

If you have a different specialist in mind, that's alright too - just make sure they're familiar with this technique first - because you don't want to be their guinea pig.

If you'd rather stick with MSK Doctors, just click here, or follow the link at the end of the article to book an appointment. It's that easy.

Now, Let's Talk Knees

The first total knee replacement (TKR) surgery was performed nearly 60 years ago, but materials, surgical planning, and medical procedures have, obviously, come a long way since then.

This new TKR option from MSK Doctors combines innovative new techniques with AI analysis tools to customise your prosthetic in a way not previously possible. To put it simply - they build it for how you move, naturally, instead of just how you stand.

It's known as Turn With Intelligent Stability - Total Knee Replacement, or TWIS-TKR, and while it is similar in many ways to the traditional operation, it also includes several new benefits. In clinical studies, this new technique showed improvements in stability, mobility, and recovery times - the big 3.

It's more than that though, it also showed a lot of improvements in my favourite category - PROMs.

If you don't know what PROMs are, no worries - they're patient reported outcomes, or how actual people, getting the actual procedure, feel about it after.

What could be more important than that?

What You Should Expect & Why

PROMs are the best metric in my opinion, because they can tell you what to really expect.

Do people say the new knee is uncomfortable at first, or maybe that it's too stiff, or just "feels wrong"? These things aren't often included in the clinical trial statistics we see, but they're just as important.

So when I hear they're improved - that's a big deal. That means people with this actual new knee, think it's better - and who would know better than them?

The TWIS-TKR technique consistently ranks higher in PROMs for natural feel and functionality, as well as overall satisfaction. Research suggests that TWIS-TKR may also help to reduce post-operative pain and discomfort, according to people who have had the procedure recently - and like I said, they would know best.

Comparing TKR To Traditional Prosthetics

Using comparative studies, specialists have tracked the longevity and complication rates for these new knees, to see how TWIS-TKR compares to the traditional techniques.

This is an obvious and important step, because before I get a new knee installed, I want to make sure it's not going to cause more problems down the line - and that's exactly what they checked.

These studies show that patients with a TWIS-TKR have a reduced risk of dislocations and other post-operative complications, and also show less wear and tear on their new prosthetics.

Less dislocation risk, check.

Less pain, check.

Less chance of needing a second surgery, check.

You're Worth It, So Talk To A Specialist

It's 2024, and there are robots taking over factories, and AI chat-bots that can barely be distinguished from humans.

It's time to take advantage of all that advanced technology, and put it to work for you.

I think the MSK Doctors explains it better than I do though, so here's a blurb I stole, “TWIS-TKR is more than just a surgical technique; it represents a holistic approach to knee replacement. By integrating AI-driven precision, a unique recovery pathway, and an innovative pain relief protocol, TWIS-TKR sets a new standard in patient care and outcomes in knee arthroplasty.”

TWIS-TKR may not be the perfect solution for everybody, though I think it's a huge improvement over the other options - but my advice is simple.

If you think that TWIS-TKR could make your life better, just ask.

You don't need a referral from your GP, and there's no waiting list, so you can get in to see a specialist right away.

Get the top doctors, the most advanced prosthetics, and the best life after your injury - visit

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