Get Apostolic Pentecostal Teachings For Men In Somerset, NJ To Inspire Others

Oct 9, 2023

As a man, are you searching for ways to empower yourself? Would you like to incorporate Christ’s teachings into your daily life? Then join the Men’s Ministry at Premier Family Life Ministries International (+1-888-210-5850) in Somerset, New Jersey!

As men, we often feel a heavy burden of needing to fulfill our purpose in life. However, if you struggle to know what your purpose is, this burden can weigh you down and cause feelings of stress and anxiety. That’s where Premier Family Life Ministries International’s Men’s Ministry can help, inspiring you with teachings from the apostolic Pentecostal faith.

With their Men’s Ministry programs, the church in Somerset, New Jersey, gives you access to holistic Pentecostal teachings that can motivate and encourage you to lead the life you are meant to live.

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The Men’s Ministry program is part of the church’s range of family-centered education services that enable members like you to learn how Pentecostal values and skills can improve their lives both spiritually and academically.

Trying to find meaning and purpose in life is one of the greatest challenges for any person. With 1 in 10 men experiencing some form of depression or anxiety, according to data from the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, it’s important that men have access to a community where they can learn how to achieve self-empowerment and inspiration in their lives. To meet this need, Premier Family Life Ministries International offers its Men’s Ministry education services in Somerset, New Jersey.

When joining the church’s ministry, you will learn how you can incorporate the apostolic Pentecostal teachings of Christ Jesus into your daily life. These holistic teachings cover multiple aspects of your life, including your spiritual, medical, educational, and financial well-being, as well as providing a focus on leadership development.

A spokesperson for Premier Family Life Ministries International said, “Our desire is to move from just a Men’s Ministry to a Ministry ‘To’ Men. This move will require a mindset and process change that begins from the very first day a man joins our church.”

Led by President Deacon Basil Samuels, the Men’s Ministry is part of Premier Family Life Ministries International’s collection of ministries, which includes those for Women and Youth groups, as well as ones covering Marriage, Dance, and Community Service. This variety of services is intended to provide individuals of all ages and genders with a place where they can learn and be inspired by Pentecostal faith-based teachings.

The New Jersey church performs both in-person events and online sessions conducted through Google Hangouts to allow attendance from members both in the local area and beyond.

Start finding purpose in your life with Premier Family Life Ministries International’s Men’s Ministry today!

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