Discover The Best Apostolic Pentecostal Online Youth Programs For Your Children

Oct 9, 2023

Would you like your children to learn more about your apostolic Pentecostal faith? Do you want an engaging and interactive means of empowering them for the future? Then sign up for Premier Family Life Ministry International’s (+1-888-210-5850) online youth services.

If you’ve struggled to get your children to attend in-person Bible study sessions or church services, you may wonder if there is a better way to help engage their attention. To meet this challenge, Premier Family Life Ministry International has a schedule of online youth service classes that can educate and empower your children on the apostolic Pentecostal faith.

The church incorporates a Pentecostal faith-based curriculum in their virtual youth services that includes classes for various age groups, including 3-7, 8-12, and 13 and above.

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The interactive youth services are part of Premier Family Life Ministry International’s dedication to providing family-centered education if you are a local follower of the church in Somerset, New Jersey, or if you live further afield.

Getting your children to physically attend a church service can be a challenging endeavor, especially in the age of digital technology distractions. That’s why Premier Family Life Ministry International has embraced this new world and now provides online youth study sessions. 

The online sessions are conducted over Google Hangouts, which allows for a safe and secure environment for you and your children to both observe and join in during the interactive portions of a class. Furthermore, as the services are separated into select age groups, each lesson is tailored to engage and ignite your child’s interests.

As the youth study sessions are based on apostolic Pentecostal principles, they follow a faith-based curriculum that teaches and empowers students, both academically and spiritually. This includes covering areas such as education, finance, family values, leadership, and community outreach. 

The virtual sessions are held regularly every 1st and 2nd Friday of each month, and you can learn more about the online study sessions on Premier Family Life Ministry International’s website. The site also has details regarding all of their in-person events in Somerset, New Jersey.

Premier Family Life Ministry International’s church also has various groups for those seeking to improve their lives through Pentecostal principles. This includes ministries for men, women, and couples, as well as those themed around music, creative expression, and community service.

The church also has access to a wealth of resources to help families in need across all aspects of their lives, such as those struggling with financial and medical difficulties. 

When speaking of their student-centered learning sessions, a spokesperson for the church said, “Our team of professional educators is committed to delivering biblically based instruction, incorporating apostolic Pentecostal principles into our curriculum, and providing spirit-filled teaching that inspires and motivates our students.”

Get your children ready for the future with online apostolic Pentecostal faith-based youth services from Premier Family Life Ministry International.

For more information, you can visit or you can call +1-888-210-5850.

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