Join Biblical Education Program For Women & Girls Focusing On Virtue In Somerset

Oct 9, 2023

If you’re looking for a ministry to help spread the word of God, then join Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. at +1-732-558-2244!

If you’re looking to worship and spread the word of God alongside like-minded people, then don't miss out on this educational program from Premier Family Life Ministry International!

You can join the Women of Virtue program, which highlights prominent female figures in the Bible, such as Queen Esther and Judge Deborah. You'll learn how to embrace the help of God in a way that allows you to become vessels for Him.

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Overseen by Pastor Sharon Laing, TH. D, the Women's Ministry Director, the program's aim is to help more women find strength through their religion, acting as a resource for those who have been abused or worn down.

The team of professional educators at Premier Family Life Ministry International is committed to delivering biblically-based instruction that incorporates apostolic Pentecostal principles into the curriculum. Through exploring the journeys of influential women in the Bible, you can find inspiration to lead a life full of bravery, discernment, and devotion to your faith. By connecting with these impactful role models from scripture, you will discover how you can leave a lasting mark on your community in the present day.

The educational program focuses on student-centered learning and spirit-filled teaching, with the small class sizes and individualized instruction allowing teachers to meet your unique needs. Hands-on activities, collaborative projects, and immersive learning experiences make the curriculum engaging and interactive, and you will be empowered to think critically, problem-solve creatively, and explore your spirituality.

A spokesperson states: "As Women of Virtue, our goal is to raise up Godly women that are disciplined in the way of holy living, as it says in Titus 2:3-5, and able to teach others by the example we set forth in our daily lives, choosing God's ways over our own."

Premier Family Life Ministry International believes that faith and education go hand-in-hand. By integrating biblical principles across all subjects, you develop a strong moral compass to guide you throughout your life.

Another popular ministry is Christ's Men of Valor, which aims to guide young men to become passionate disciples of Christ. Through impactful mentorships, meaningful community service projects, and empowering leadership development, students gain the abilities and ethical grounding to spread good in the world around them and become positive role models.

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