Gas Strut Window With Minimalist & Sustainable Design Is Best For Restaurants

Jul 15, 2023

OpenUp Windows is making both indoor and alfresco dining experiences more enjoyable with their gas strut window! Beloved by restaurants and patrons alike, see why OpenUp are the masters of service windows.

Make your restaurant a true destination dining experience with OpenUp Windows and their flip-out commercial gas strut windows.

The window makers have become well known amongst residential and commercial clients for their intuitive and innovative gas strut design window, which looks like a traditional awning window but can hold itself open at a 90-degree angle. They have a flip-out window with a fullbound sill and a three-sided frame, which means you can easily have it mounted above any countertop or tabletop.

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With this design, OpenUp Windows believes their window is more dining room-ready, and they recommend it to you if you are looking to create full visibility between the interior dining spaces and exterior alfresco dining areas in your restaurant.

More than just a countertop serve window, they believe their gas strut awning window can act as a visual feature that will create a sense of openness and invite a better flow of food, beverages, and patrons throughout your venue.

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OpenUp Window’s latest model has also been designed with minimalist design principles in mind and with a sustainable ethos. As such, it features a recycled Accoya® wood and industrial-chic extruded aluminum dual-insulated frame.

OpenUp Windows can completely customize your new flip-out commercial windows to your exact specifications. Their experienced design team is also well-versed in working with architects, building contractors, and other teams to help manage the installation of your new window or windows.

You’ll love that all of OpenUp Windows’ models come with a ten-year full warranty and a 4-6 week delivery guarantee, including for custom orders. The window makers have a boutique factory in New York where they have been crafting specialty windows for almost four decades.

A spokesperson for the residential and commercial window makers said, “We strive to provide our customers with a modern showpiece that expands their view, encourages connection, and integrates their indoor and outdoor dining spaces. If you are having trouble figuring out the entire window replacement process, our experience is always available to give you advice.”

Your patrons will love the open-air feel of your restaurant once you open up your dining spaces with a flip-out window from OpenUp!

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