Free Eligibility Tool Helps Veterans Check if They Qualify For Aid & Attendance

May 14, 2021

If you are a combat veteran, you can quickly check if you qualify for the VA’s Aid and Attendance benefit by using this free eligibility tool created by

Are you a combat veteran? Then you might qualify for this generous benefit! of Wayne, Pennsylvania announces the launch of its updated eligibility tool for veterans. With this platform, retired military personnel can quickly check if they qualify for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Aid and Attendance benefit.

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This service was launched to fast-track the process of applying for the above-mentioned benefit. The quick survey takes only about five minutes to complete and provides you with the next steps for the application process.

According to the company, the Aid and Attendance benefit is for wartime veterans and their spouses. It helps pay for assisted living care, home care, and adult daycare. This benefit was established by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a tribute to the brave service of personnel who fought in World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War. adds that veterans can receive anywhere from $1,200 to $2,200 a month if approved. However, many of them do not know this benefit and thus miss out on much-needed financial aid.

To solve this problem, created a simple tool to help determine your eligibility for the benefit. It can be accessed for free by both veterans and their relatives on the company’s website.

The survey starts off by asking who the intended recipient of the benefit will be. You will then be asked to provide preliminary details about your service, such as which wartime era you fought in and the length of your deployment.

After answering all of the questions, the tool will indicate if you are a good candidate for Aid and Attendance. Moreover, it will also provide a ballpark estimate of how much aid you can receive each month.

If you wish to apply for the benefit, you can also rely on to facilitate the process. It has an online application software that drastically shortens the application procedure so you can receive your benefits sooner.

A spokesperson says: “For more than a decade our team has educated thousands of veterans and surviving spouses throughout the country about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Aid and Attendance Pension. Our mission is to honor these brave servicemen by helping them access this oft-overlooked benefit.”

Stop wondering if you qualify for this benefit. Try the free eligibility tool today!

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