Flip Out Pass-Thru Windows Give You An Affordable Way To Renovate Your Kitchen

Aug 9, 2023

Now you can replace your old kitchen window with a grand flip out pass-thru window for a stunning, yet affordable kitchen conversion. Expert awning window manufacturers OpenUp Windows are here to help.

You’ve probably seen those cool walk-up cafes with a single front window the size of their store, opening to a full 90 degrees. Can you imagine how great your kitchen would look if you replaced your aging window with a flip-out window that instantly connects you to your patio?

Are you picturing it?

With OpenUp Windows, you can turn that picture into reality in your home because their flip-out pass-thru awning windows are not only designed to replace your current window but are also incredibly affordable.

OpenUp Windows offers a budget-friendly way to expand your home’s interiors by creating a seamless transition between your kitchen and your patio. Enjoy panoramic views, increased ventilation, and a clear passageway where food, drinks, and utensils can be handed back and forth, instead of being ferried inside and out.

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The recent events have changed the way people use and appreciate their homes. If you’d love to spend more time dining with your family on the patio or sitting outside while enjoying drinks and snacks on lazy summer days, OpenUp Windows can make it happen. Not only that, but they also make it simple for your home chef to be part of the action while preparing meals, and everyone’s on the deck socializing. A pass-through window connects everyone, making home gatherings fun, convenient, and brilliantly inclusive.

“With the popularity of open-concept home designs, we’re making it easier for homeowners to extend this design to the back deck,” says a spokesperson for OpenUp Windows. “Our windows are designed to replace any type of older window, and they even come with a nail flange if needed, for an affordable kitchen conversion that changes the way people enjoy their homes.”

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While this kitchen window addition offers practicality, it also brings an element of modernity and beauty to the home thanks to its clean lines and frame-free look.

Hinged at the top and powered by two gas struts on either side of the jam, pass-through windows combine heavy extruded aluminum exterior frames and sash with sustainable, high-tech Accoya wood interior frames and sash for weather-resistant durability and smooth functionality. When opened, you get superior ventilation and pass-through utility. When closed, they can be sealed with a single locking handle.

OpenUp Windows’ flip-out pass-through windows come in sizes ranging from 36” x 42” to a grand 120” x 48”. With no sill for easy countertop installation, you can get a bespoke kitchen window feature and better indoor-outdoor living at home with a simple retrofit.

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