Find Top Talent For Seattle Apparel Brands With This Direct Recruitment Partner

Feb 24, 2023

As a Seattle apparel supplier, you expect your company’s name to be held in high regard. With the right staff, your reputation will keep shining – source your team with Emerging Blue by calling +1-415-205-2205 today!

Find Top Talent For Seattle Apparel Brands With This Direct Recruitment Partner

The finest work from apparel brands comes from outfitting their staff with leaders in their field. From retail management to product design and more, Emerging Blue helps your Seattle company put together an ideal team.

They're here to replicate the successful recruitment processes that they’ve overseen in major cities like New York. With the agency’s constantly growing pool of high-quality candidates from across the nation, finding full or part-time talent is now easier than ever.

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Emerging Blue is always on top of the rapidly evolving recruitment scene. It seeks to approach employer-applicant relations with a personal touch - easing the transition by linking your brand with those it judges to be suitable.

It does this by examining your company’s primary values as well as your team's working style. Its recruitment specialists will identify talent that would fit and prosper within your structure well into the future. The result? An advantageous alliance between your Seattle apparel brand and productive personnel.

An Emerging Blue spokesperson said: “We provide attention to solve your hiring needs as quickly as possible. We’re strategic, creative, and we push above the limits while offering a loyal, flexible, and resourceful service.”

The company’s EB 360 program stands as a prominent example of its commitment to managing coordinated talent acquisition procedures. Its team acts as partners for fashion, home, and beauty brands like yours - standing with you as you traverse candidate assessment stages and establish HR blueprints together.

Clients involved with the EB 360 service include UpWest, Free Fly, Kendo, Mizzen+Main, and other renowned brands. By opting for this service, your Seattle brand can find ideal applicants for entry-level, managerial, and C-suite roles while also learning to develop social networking campaigns for future talent searches.

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“We’re continuing to grow and evolve,” says one EB 360 client. “The team at Emerging Blue has made that possible. They know the skillset we’re looking for in full-time employees and they understand our culture in a way that enables them to find people who are excited to join our team.”

Employee turnover is natural - make sure the transition is smooth by hiring new staff who’ll fit seamlessly into your Seattle team.

Wherever you are across the Seattle area, check out to learn more about Emerging Blue’s recruiting options!

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