Find Top San Francisco Talent For Your Full-Time Activewear Design Positions

May 9, 2023

Want to stay on top of the San Francisco activewear scene? Then you have to stay active! As an apparel brand, you do this by finding staff with a real passion for fashion. Call Emerging Blue at +1-415-205-2205 to find top candidates.

Want to make sure your San Francisco brand is delivering the best sports and outerwear out there? Build out your dream team with the help of Emerging Blue.

As demand surges for activewear industry staffing throughout the Bay Area from entry-level positions to experienced executive roles, Emerging Blue is here for you. Modern fashion trends point to a growing preference among men and women alike for wearing gym clothing and outdoor apparel in everyday life. Need staff to bring the latest designs to the masses? You’re in luck.

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With offices based in San Francisco, Emerging Blue maintains a longstanding commitment to supporting local employment. Though the city continues to boast a high overall level of opportunities for job seekers, the agency’s goal is to help your apparel brand find suitable personnel who might represent long-term fits.

It can achieve this, Emerging Blue explains, by presenting you with a widening recruitment pool of viable candidates. Your brand can search the agency’s databanks for potential full or part-time staff and assess their listed skills and certifications. Alternatively, you can partner directly with Emerging Blue for a more comprehensive approach.

The agency elaborated: “EB 360 is our integrated recruiting service that is effective and cost-efficient. A proven solution for growing companies, EB 360 is a customizable, full-service recruiting program that offers a dedicated team to manage the entire recruiting process from ideation to hire.”

As a concept, the EB 360 service is designed to succeed via your complete collaboration with Emerging Blue. Your San Francisco brand can benefit from the agency’s input into every aspect of talent sourcing, staff advertising, and final recruitment.

Its staff collectively share accumulated industry experience in fashion and beauty, frequently formulating strategies using insights into the way modern labels operate. As such, its brand experts are positioned to tailor your recruitment campaigns based on an understanding of how your hires will impact your company and its various departments.

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“Our existing clients include Vuori, Marine Layer, The North Face, Vans, and 686,” says the company. “Whether it’s eCommerce direct-to-consumer, digital marketing, creative, or product design - you name it, we fill it.”

Don’t rest on your laurels, contact Emerging Blue and get started with successful staffing!

If you’re in or around San Francisco, head to to learn more about Emerging Blue and the agency’s EB 360 service.

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