Find Medical Expert Witnesses For Your Personal Injury Law Case

Apr 8, 2021

Looking for a medical expert witness? Go to Homestead and get referred to one of their vetted medical experts in a wide range of areas of medicine, including neurology, psychiatry, and more.

If you’re looking for a quality and competent medical expert for your court case, Homestead Medical Experts can refer you to one of their vetted medical professionals!

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Homestead is an effective and convenient referral service that assists attorneys to communicate and work with expert witnesses in various forms of litigation.

Finding a knowledgeable and competent medical expert witness can be crucial for a personal injury or medical malpractice case. Homestead has a pool of medical professionals who are vetted experts in their fields and sourced from around the country. The company will refer you to an expert witness who can help with your case.

There are over 1000 experts on staff. They have multiple experts in every specialty in most states. With a network of physicians, nurses, and social workers, the company can offer medical consultations in a variety of areas of medical practice. You can find expert witnesses in the field of orthopedic surgery, neurology, internal medicine, and more.

Once you retain your expert, Homestead assigns a dedicated case manager to facilitate communication and workflow between the attorney and the witness. The case manager will assist in scheduling exams, coordinate phone calls, and ensure that all casework is completed in a timely manner and deadlines are met.

With the newly launched update, the company continues to work diligently at being the leading provider of quality, knowledgeable, and experienced medical expert witnesses for a wide scope of legal issues.

Homestead Medical Experts was founded to answer the growing need for quality medical expert witnesses. They specialize in providing high-touch case management throughout the process to ensure a smooth and cohesive experience.

A satisfied client said: “As a litigator who handles cases in court on a regular basis, I have used the experts provided by Homestead on a regular basis. As a company, Homestead is easy to deal with and very professional. Their experts truly are experts in their field. Homestead has done its homework when it comes to its cadre of professionals.”

Homestead Medical Experts is the leading provider of vetted medical expert witnesses nationwide — call them today at (877) 244-3703 for a consultation!

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