Fastest ERC Tax Credit Program 2022 | Get CPA Help To Claim CARES Act Rebates

May 6, 2022

Get help from ERTC specialist CPAs to maximize your tax rebate, and complete your claim in only a few minutes, with a fast refund program for small businesses, non-profits, and startups.

Fastest ERC Tax Credit Program 2022 | Get CPA Help To Claim CARES Act Rebates

Did you hear that they’ve already released the name for the 10th installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise?

It’s going to be called “Fast 10 Your Seatbelts.”

While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to receive a tax rebate quite as fast as Vin Diesel drives his Dodge Charger – this new fast refund program can help you to make your claim in just a few minutes.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program has become one of the largest relief mechanisms in American history, after amendments made in the Consolidated Appropriations Act expanded the eligibility, and increased the maximum allowable claims. The application process from Digital Marketing Midwest helps you to complete your entire claim in under 15 minutes.

Visit to get help from ERTC specialist accountants making your claim.

Known as the 15 Minute Refund program, the application process is guaranteed to maximize your tax credits, and also includes audit-proof documentation for each client. This tool is now available from a firm of specialist ERTC CPAs, which has partnered with Digital Midwest Marketing.

The expanded ERTC eligibility includes businesses with up to 500 full-time employees on average, non-profit organizations, startups, and new businesses. Companies founded during the pandemic may qualify under the rules as a Recovery Startup Business and could be eligible for up to $100,000 in tax credits.

Originally, the maximum claim was 50% of the first $10,000 in wages, per employee, per quarter. With the increased maximum allowable rebate, you can now claim up to 70%, or $7,000 per employee, per quarter, for a total of $26,000 for each eligible W-2 employee.

After the ERTC program went through several changes, many employers are now unsure whether they qualify for a rebate. Digital Midwest Marketing has included a free, no-obligation eligibility check, which you can complete in 90 seconds, requiring no proprietary business information.

If you previously received funds through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), you are now eligible for ERTC tax rebates as well, with no restrictions on how you can spend your refund. Unlike the PPP which offered small loans to business owners, ERTC rebates do not need to be repaid.

Recent satisfied clients of the 15 Minute Refund program include a Mexican restaurant with four locations that made a claim for $2,014,000, and a business consulting firm in California that claimed $44,960, with a staff of 19 W-2 employees. The program also assists non-profit organizations, including a school in Illinois with 35 employees, which made a claim for $175,000.

With businesses all around the country receiving rebates for hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s no surprise that the ERTC has become such a large relief program. If your business was affected by the pandemic, there’s a rebate with your name on it – you just need to claim it.

Visit to take the free eligibility test, or to maximize your rebate with the 15 Minute Refund program.

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