Dog Water Bottle For Easy Drinking: Leak-Proof Design For Walks & Driving

Aug 9, 2023

The portable pet water bottle from Doviast is a must-have for any dog owner who loves to take their furry friend on outdoor adventures. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and keeps your good boy hydrated and healthy!

Hiking with your furry friend can be a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to keep them hydrated, especially on hot days. Dogs need plenty of water to stay healthy, and bringing water on hikes or outdoor adventures is crucial.

However, carrying a separate water bowl can be cumbersome and impractical. That's where Doviast's portable pet bottle comes in - making it easier than ever to keep your pup's pep in its step!

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With US dog owners averaging 120 miles of walking per month and temperatures on the rise, Doviast sought to provide a lightweight water bottle that allows dogs to drink with ease.

The bottle can hold up to 18.6 fluid ounces of water and is lightweight enough to take on long hikes. It has several design features to prevent spillages or unnecessary pouring.

The water bottle features a press-and-hold button, which dispenses water into the feeder spoon for hydration whenever it's required. The silica-gel ring inside the feeder spoon ensures a mess-free experience.

With a water-reserve suction feature in the spout, excess water can be sucked back into the bottle to prevent waste or drips from occurring. There is also a lock button to minimize spillage when traveling.

The bottle is made from ABS plastic and polycarbonate, making it lead-free and BPA-free, as well as safe and durable. The result is a non-toxic product that can be cleaned easily with water and liquid soap.

A recent customer said: "This pet water bottle is perfect. I use it for camping and hiking with my dogs. It is made to be leakproof. There is a convenient button that locks the water and releases water. The bowl and bottle are combined so you only need to remember to grab one thing. I am very satisfied with this product."

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If you like to go on long walks with your dog, this is the water bottle you've been looking for!

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