Distinguish Your Restaurant With A Bespoke Gas Strut Pass-Through Window

Jul 29, 2023

Create a restaurant storefront that stops people in their tracks and brings them straight inside. OpenUp Windows’ bespoke double-insulated commercial pass-through windows featuring a full-bound sill makes it simple to replace your worn-out windows for a beautiful, more contemporary image!

Have you heard about the latest innovation in restaurant design?

More and more restaurateurs and cafe owners are replacing their worn-out windows with beautiful, double-insulated pass-through awning windows to enhance curb appeal and provide better energy efficiency.

Get a simple and cost-effective way of elevating your brand image, enhancing your storefront, and improving operational efficiencies with a customizable pass-through window from OpenUp Windows, experts in this high-design window category.

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Everyone knows that in the competitive world of restaurant marketing, curb appeal plays a crucial role. Cool and cost-effective strategies that improve foot traffic and distinguish you from the competition can feel like a commodity. OpenUp Windows’ pass-through windows make this commodity accessible. With a gorgeous window that opens to a full 90 degrees, you can instantly attract the attention of your passers-by, inviting them in. And, if you're the owner of a walk-up cafe or kiosk, the addition of a pass-through window offers better access to your customers and more room for you to serve orders.

“People make instant decisions about a restaurant just by their exteriors. Older windows with chipping frames can create a rundown, unappealing look,” says a spokesperson for OpenUp Windows. “Our gas strut pass-through windows are durable, and they don't have any obstructing framework. They instantly create an impressive storefront that piques customer interest and can drive more traffic.”

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Gas strut pass-through windows create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. They offer stunning views from inside restaurants, giving establishments located by the beach, a park, or an exciting part of the city a potential competitive edge. They can also promote increased connection with customers and a wider area to conduct business in the walk-up segment.

Company founder and chief engineer Ed Page developed the 2Fold Technology that characterizes a pass-through window from OpenUp, distinguishing them from others in this window category. 2Fold Technology combines heavy extruded aluminum with rich, sustainable, high-tech Accoya wood to create a durable, long-lasting product that is weatherproof, as well as pest and termite resistant. According to Ed, this is the “perfect blend of form and function.”

A standard OpenUp window comes with 1″ thick insulated glass made up of two pieces of 3/16″ tempered glass separated by a spacer. This creates a 5/8″ air pocket between the two layers, doubling the quality of insulation. Windowpanes are also UV protected and come in three customizable calibrations. If you're located in the south, you'll probably want to go with triple UV protection. If you're in the northern region, the standard UV protection will most likely serve you perfectly.

Are you looking for a cost-effective upgrade to your restaurant that'll grab people's attention and bring them inside? Get the solution with a double insulated pass-through window from OpenUp Windows.

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