DFY X-Ray System For Packaged Product Inspection IL: Minimize False Rejects

Jul 25, 2023

Illinois-based Pack & Inspect Group offers some of the most advanced x-ray inspection systems from the global leader, METTLER TOLEDO, allowing you to simplify your product inspection processes while maintaining the highest standards.

Contaminated food products can have a disastrous impact on your business, but maintaining conformity is an age-old battle between speed and accuracy.

Illinois-based Pack & Inspect Group now offers advanced x-ray technology that detects contaminants in some of the most difficult applications.

The firm has partnered with METTLER TOLEDO, the market leader in x-ray inspection systems, giving you access to cutting-edge dual energy detection systems. All the big words boil down to two simple but important outcomes; greater detection capabilities and less false rejects.

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Pack & Inspect Group highlights several advantages of the latest systems, including increased efficiency, improved product quality, and reduced risk of human error. You can also enhance your inspection processes with several other technologies, such as metal detectors, checkweighters, vision systems, track and trace, and leak detection.

A recent report from Food Safety magazine highlights the importance of conformity in packaged food products. It explains that an effective inspection process can help to maintain consumer safety, avoid expensive product recalls, and improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

Pack & Inspect Group explains that the latest x-ray systems allow you to automate and simplify your inspection process, while still maintaining high throughput levels. As a result, you now have the ability to run strict quality control procedures without placing a huge burden on your human resources.

Better yet, METTLER TOLEDO designs x-ray systems to suit a wide variety of purposes. These include packaged products, individual or bulk-flow unpackaged products, bulk ingredient bags, final shipper cases, pumped meats, pastes, and sauces, aerosols, blister packs, and multi-lane applications.

About Pack & Inspect Group

Operating throughout the Midwest, Pack & Inspect Group represents some of the most respected brands in the food packaging, inspection, and handling industries. The firm now has representatives in Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, who are standing by to help you understand some of the latest solutions.

“Building on years as the world's leading metal detection company, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline is also the global market leader in the field of x-ray inspection systems for foreign material and package integrity in the food & beverage industry,” a company representative explained. “Safeline x-ray solutions offer maximum detection sensitivity and added value with minimum false rejects and the most user-friendly operation in the marketplace.”

Simplify your product inspection processes with the latest x-ray technologies, brought to you by Pack & Inspect Group.

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