Choosing the Right Lawyer Can Make the Difference.

Sep 1, 2021

John Gioffredi & Associates have published a brand new video revealing the importance of choosing a suitable layer when in charge of a crime. It is targeted at people who need to find top-notch attorneys that can provide excellent defense.

At John Gioffredi & Associates, we have published a new video entitled, “Choosing the Right Lawyer Can Make all the Difference.” It sheds light on the importance of choosing the right defense attorney when facing the offense of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). People who required experienced criminal defense attorneys and anybody interested in the article can watch it in full at JohnGioffredi/DWIVideo.

One of the most critical pieces of information the video tries to convey and communicate is that many people underestimate the consequences of having a criminal conviction on their record. Therefore they need an experienced criminal defense attorney. John Gioffredi, the founder of John Gioffredi & Associates, pioneered jury punishment in Texas DWI cases. His system has led to DWI attorneys throughout Texas who want better outcomes for their clients. 

Another important piece of information the article tries to get across is that we offer DWI Defense, Criminal Defense, and Traffic Tickets here at John Gioffredi & Associates. We work hard to provide top-quality service, and we have three decades of experience to prove it.

Here at John Gioffredi & Associates, we can assure you that no matter how dismal your facts are, there is always a chance that you can win your case. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that winning means your client walks away with no punishment whatsoever, no probation, and nothing on their record. That is why John Gioffredi emphasizes the importance of working with highly knowledgeable professionals committed to their clients. 

John Gioffredi & Associates now welcomes comments and questions from readers regarding the video, as they intend to provide relevant and helpful information to our clients and readers. The reason is simply that they want to help their audience with tips and information regarding legal defense.

If you have any specific questions or comments about this video or any article previously published on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website at

Once again, you can watch the complete video at JohnGioffredi/DWIVideo.

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