Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer In San Diego, CA Helps Families Sue For Molestation

Sep 25, 2023

Abuse Guardian, a network of lawyers, and Bobby Thompson, Esq., in San Diego are now working together. The partnership is committed to helping sexual abuse victims sue their abusers, and win.

While most of us would rather be at home with our children, the reality is we need to work. So, we send off our precious sons and daughters to daycare, believing they’ll make new friends, learn new skills, and be safely taken care of. If you have been failed by your daycare center in the worst way imaginable, and your child has been abused there, Bobby Thompson, Esq., and Abuse Guardian have joined forces to fight for you.

Abuse Guardian is a national alliance of sexual abuse attorneys, and this extensive group of partnering law firms continues to expand its network to bring you a greater level of collective power. With its latest partnership in San Diego, Abuse Guardian is more confident that it can continue serving you better, supporting you and your family through the complex but necessary process of seeking financial restitution in civil court.

The network of lawyers is now in a better position to provide greater legal assistance to the victims of daycare child sex abuse in San Diego.

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 12,594,000 children in America now have at least one weekly non-parental care arrangement, with most of these children being cared for in daycare centers around the country. With more American children than ever in daycare, Abuse Guardian has seen that rates of child abuse and child sexual abuse are also rising in these institutions.

While child abuse is a crime and should be prosecuted as such by the state, Abuse Guardian recommends its local partners as the first port of call for you if you are concerned about abuse. As experienced sexual abuse attorneys, its partners can help you make the initial report of this abuse and then sue your child’s abuser and the responsible daycare center in civil court.

Bobby Thompson can help you sue for a range of abuses, including molestation and unwanted touching. They can also seek compensation for other forms of sexual abuse and trauma, including neglect. In all cases, the lawyers will fight for the highest level of compensation possible for your family.

Abuse Guardian attorneys offer a free initial consultation and recommend that you come forward as soon as possible.

“We are a nationwide network of lawyers representing victims of sexual abuse,” Abuse Guardian said. “Parents who suspect that their child has suffered abuse in daycare should not hesitate to reach out to us. Our compassionate lawyers are ever-ready to pursue these cases through the end, until justice is dispensed.”

Abuse Guardian wants you to know that they care about your child’s welfare as much as you do.

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