Chandler, AZ Marketing Agency: Get Online Visibility For Health & Dental Clinics

Jan 27, 2022

Imagine if you could get exposure for your Chandler, Arizona, clinic across hundreds of news sites. With this new content marketing solution from Our Lokal, you can do just that.

Chandler, AZ Marketing Agency: Get Online Visibility For Health & Dental Clinics

In fact, your custom-written content could be published on 400+ platforms, including news sites, social media, SlideShare, and much more. What might take you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to achieve can now be done with one simple solution. Sounds great, right?

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If you own a health spas medical or dental clinic, aesthetic treatment center, or any other small business, getting your business noticed on the internet is an uphill battle. How do you compete with big companies who have massive marketing budgets? That’s exactly what the services from Our Lokal are designed to do. They get your name out there so your business gets noticed.

According to HubSpot, content marketing is one of the most effective means of building audience engagement and driving sales. Indeed, one report states that up to 80% of marketers now believe that content marketing is their top priority, and 26% of business-to-business marketing budgets are now spent on this approach. So, it really is a big deal that you need to be on top of.

Of course, most businesses do not have the time or expertise to develop a comprehensive content marketing approach. You have real work to do, right? The latest solutions from Our Lokal do all the heavy lifting for you, with tailor-written content distributed across hundreds of platforms.

Rather than being a one-size-fits-all approach, your campaign will be researched and written by content creation specialists. We’re talking about real people, writing real things about your business. The team of over 100 writers analyzes your business, your target market, and what your competitors are doing. Then they produce a combination of news articles, blog posts, SlideShare pieces, and videos.

The net effect of these campaigns is vastly increased online exposure for your business. In addition, the publication of materials on high-authority websites can have a significant effect on SEO. Not only is your business reaching a huge audience, but you will also be getting much better search results. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. It’s a service designed to help small businesses, just like yours, stand out.

About Our Lokal

Working in partnership with industry specialists, Our Lokal aims to bring the latest content marketing approaches to businesses in Chandler and surrounding parts of Arizona. In addition to health and spa-related businesses, the new services are well suited to any small or medium-sized company wishing to increase their digital footprint.

A company representative stated: “By creating unique content and placing it in over 400+ quality placements across 6 different media formats, you'll get seen more and found more easily online. The internet is built on and for content. Leverage this and use it to build your business.”

Get massive online exposure with minimal effort today. Click on so you can learn more.

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