Hyperlocal Content Marketing Puts Lynnwood Dentists At The Top Of Google

Apr 14, 2024

Content can put you on top of Google – but great content can also make you the go-to source of information trusted by both Google and patients.

As a dentist, you probably know this one - but bear with me. What's the number one reason patients miss their root canal appointment?

... They lose their nerve.

Ha Ha - I know. You must have heard this a million times. Now riddle me this: What's the number one reason dentists don't book enough High-Production appointments?

The patients can't find them when they look up "Lynnwood dental implants" or "Dental implants Near Me"- and that's what we're here to talk about, today.

Ladies and gentlemen and others, welcome! Make yourself comfortable, grab a drink, a bite to eat, put on some relaxing background music, and let's see about getting you at the top of Google for "Lynnwood Dental Implants" and every other dental procedure you offer.

How? Well it's easier than you thought, probably.

✔️ Hyper-Targeted Local Marketing

You're a local business, which means you need to target local patients. While that may seem like a limitation, at first, it's anything but. Just think about it... is it easier to compete against other dentists in Lynnwood or against all the dentists in the US? It's kind of like the "big fish in a small pond or small fish in a big pond" dilemma - and the answer is crystal clear.

On top of that, local searches are super popular, especially for dental services. No one wants to travel to another state for a dental appointment, so obviously they will look for a dentist as close to home as possible. And according to HubSpot, 72% of those local searches end up with a visit to a local business within five miles.

And that's why I'm talking about hyper-targeted local marketing - because if your goal is to get at the top of Google for your target keywords in your local area, you're gonna have to get some online exposure.

And here's what that means:

✔️ Online Visibility, Ranking & Website Traffic

First of all, you need to get seen. You can be the king of dentists because you offer the best crowns - but unless people can find you online when they look up "Lynnwood dentist crowns", it won't do you much good.

Mint Media is confident that its hyper-local approach, combined with its large network of media partners, can provide dental practices - which are largely small to mid-sized businesses - with the kind of online exposure that has traditionally been reserved for big corporations with substantial marketing budgets.

“Our hyper-targeted local marketing service is tailored specifically to offer dental practices an affordable way to improve online visibility and get more patients,” says Annie Kaspar, founder of Mint Media and dental professional of 15 years. “We use advanced software and our media connections to gain visibility on websites like Google News and Bloomberg - the kind of exposure that normally averages $10,000 to $100,000 per month and takes years.”

So online visibility and ranking - that's what you need to work on. Well, you don't actually have to do any of the work; there are content marketing agencies who offer all that stuff completely done for you.

They will get you seen on major high-authority sites like Google News and Bloomberg. For example, Mint Media - a marketing agency that works exclusively with dentists - uses a hyper-local approach and its large network of media partners to give you, a small local dental practice, the kind of online exposure that positions you at the top of Google Maps and search results.

This, in turn, leads to increase website traffic. If people can find you on top of Google, they are much, much more likely to visit your website. We all know no one clicks on page 2.

✔️ Brand Authority, Awareness & Reputation

Now we get to the next level. You and I both know that just because people know about you, doesn't mean they're gonna trust you to go poking around their mouth. And that's why this hyper-local content marketing approach is so cool - because it doesn't "just" get you seen, it gets you seen on the right platforms. I'm talking credible sources with high domain authority, like YouTube, Google News, local Fox and CBS, etc.

These are sites that are trusted by both Google and people, which means:

a) Google will be more likely to rank your website higher because it will see you as a trustworthy source of information; and

b) Your prospective patients will be more likely to trust you and book an appointment because they trust that the information published on these sites is legit.

Neat, right?

✔️ You're the Expert: Answer Specific Questions & Offer Value to Patients

Okay, this is my favorite part because it concerns the actual content - as a writer, I care a lot about content, of course.

Here's why I think hyper-local content marketing is doing content right: it provides relevant information and offers value to customers. This isn't about writing an SEO word soup that does a poor job of answering any real questions an actual person may have. Quite the opposite. This is about you positioning yourself as an expert in your field by answering specific questions your patients may have.

Think about it, if someone has crooked teeth, for instance, they're probably gonna have some questions about straightening them. Can I straighten my overbite with Invisalign? Are traditional braces more effective than clear aligners? And so on - you get the point.

You, as an expert, can answer these questions - and Mint Media can help you get these answers in front of your prospective patients. Everyone wins: the patients get valuable information and the trust they're looking for, and you get more website traffic and appointment bookings.

✔️ Six Types of Content - All DFY

If that sounds like exactly what you need, and you want to give it a go, check out Mint Media - they do hyper-targeted local marketing for dentists in a unique way. You get six types of content - branded news articles, blog posts, podcasts, infographics, slideshows, and videos - all DFY and written by professional writers.

You can get all the details at https://mintymedia.clientcabin.com

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